Capture a Year of Video in a single Day

Releasing a new high-quality, SEO-packed video every month would do wonders for lead generation and thought leadership. But, not everyone can commit to a monthly process involving different subject matter experts, video technicians, equipment and locations.

In this webinar, we’ll share our secrets for shooting a year’s worth of content in a single day, so that you can enjoy the benefits of serving up exceptional video content for the rest of the year.


What's Covered

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We’ll discuss the many different factors that must be accounted for in a project like this. You’ll know exactly what to expect, not only from the one-day shoot, but for the full campaign year, before the cameras start rolling.


Coordinating the shooting of a year’s-worth of video in a single day takes some doing. You’ll learn how to organize, and execute on the day, for maximum efficiency.


One piece of video content can be repurposed for any number of other uses, including social media, and even podcasting. Learn how to repurpose your content for greater effect.


We’ll discuss options for getting your video in front of as many prospects and customers as possible. Learn about the three most important distribution channels for your video content, and how to schedule your distribution for maximum impact.