Video Marketing and Production Resources

Strategic use of video can produce profound results for your business.

Explore these resources to learn how you can create videos for your business that create awareness, educate and nurture prospects, and help drive revenue.

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Case Studies

Safely and Conveniently Create Professional Customer Testimonial Videos that Get Results
Add Value for Exhibitors and Sponsors of Your Virtual Events with Remote Directed Video

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16 Types of Business Videos and When to Use Them
Use video throughout your marketing and sales funnel — from awareness to sale, and beyond — to supply your business with a steady stream of fresh leads, who are ready to buy.
Video Testimonial Playbook


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Creating Video Testimonials Remotely
Learn how you can still create high-quality customer testimonial videos – safely and conveniently – from anywhere in the world.

Video Marketing

Like anything worth putting a lot of effort into, video marketing should start with a strong, strategic foundation.

These resources will help you formulate a video marketing strategy that will maximize the return on your video content investment, including components of research, planning, production, and promotion.


Why use video instead of written content?

In 2018, 81% of businesses were already using video, and the volume of video content being created today shows no signs of slowing down.  Learn why you can’t afford to ignore video, in this post.

🚀 DOWNLOAD: 16 Video Types and When to Use Them

16 different ways to use video at the top, middle and bottom of the marketing funnel, to build awareness and traffic, generate and nurture leads, and increase conversions.

What is a video-first digital marketing strategy?

A video-first marketing strategy is one that prioritizes video above other types of content. A video-first strategy does not abandon written content. Rather, it acknowledges the reality that customers are increasingly demanding video for the information they want to consume. In this post, learn how to apply video-first thinking to your own marketing strategy.

How to Budget for Video Content

Learn how to budget for video content and promotion in this blog post, including how to reverse engineer your needs into a video marketing strategy that works for your budget.

What is thought leadership marketing?

Learn why and how to use thought leadership to your advantage in your marketing efforts, and why video is the most effective way to stand out and connect with your audience.

Close More Sales with Video

Video is for closers! Watch this webinar recording to learn how video can be used most effectively at the bottom of the funnel, to generate leads and close sales.

Customer Testimonials

Video testimonials are one of the most effective ways to gain trust and convert leads into new business. 

Learn everything you need to know about taking advantage of this powerful digital marketing asset!


🚀 The Video Testimonial Playbook: Strategy, Production, and Results

Learn everything you need to know about turning leads into sales with customer testimonial videos in this definitive guide. Discover why and how to use video testimonials for marketing and sales; including best practices, optimizing the performance of your videos, specific marketing and sales tactics, and much more!

Supercharge your testimonials with the Hero’s Journey and these testimonial questions

Take your customer testimonials to the next level by having your customer’s story follow the theme of the Hero’s Journey. Learn how in this blog post.

How to ask customers for a testimonial

What’s the best way to ask a customer to provide a testimonial. Furthermore, which customers should you be asking, anyway? Find out in this quick guide.

🚀 DOWNLOAD: 29 Questions to Ask Your Customers for More Effective Testimonials

Ask these 29 testimonial questions to get better responses from your customers, for dramatically more effective testimonials.

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