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Video solutions for common non-profit and association challenges.

Moving beyond the production of individual, big-budget video, Remote Directed Video (RDV) is the ideal solution for programmatically producing video for events, member onboarding, FAQs, training, outreach, and marketing content and more, with minimum impact on staff labor.

The following are four video solutions that can be a big help to associations and nonprofit organizations who want to move their programmatic content production to video.

Organizations can do more with less, with Remote Directed Video

Remote Directed Video (RDV) is the perfect application for many marketing, training, and outreach challenges that associations and nonprofit organizations face. RDV is safe, fast, and affordable, making it a great fit for organizations that are constantly asked to do more with less.

With events shifting between virtual, in-person, and now hybrid, there are some very interesting applications for remote video. Video support for learning sessions is perhaps the most obvious applications, but there are also some innovative video applications that support and protect revenue generation.

Add value for your exhibitors and sponsors by underwriting the creation of promotional videos for these important constituents. Central management of these programs ensure that all videos meet with your guidelines for content, and staff impact is minimal.  Remote video can help grow your event revenue.


“By working with Thoughtcast Media we were able to provide added value for our Strategic Partners. Our partners were very pleased with the videos, Thoughtcast Media was super easy to work with, and the whole process had little impact on staff resources.”

Dan Melesurgo, VP Strategic Partnerships, ASAE

Association/Nonprofit Event Video Example

ASAE used events videos to demonstrate alignment with their Strategic Partners, create excitement around their newly-minted virtual event, and add value in return for their sponsors’ investment dollars.

Partners were provided two videos – one for use prior to and after the meeting. All videos were shot remotely using Remote Directed Video production.

Compelling member testimonial videos are often the last thing that prospects view, and the last hurdle they must negotiate, before making the decision to join or donate, and here social proof is the name of the game.

Thoughtcast Media follows a proven methodology for creating member testimonials that sell. Our Remote Directed Video (RDV) solution is a professionally directed solution that is especially well suited to getting great performances out of members with little or no video experience.

Best of all, we provide all the services necessary to contact your members and prepare them for their video shoots, making the member testimonial process as easy as possible for our clients.

RDV Live Director

Once members have signed on the bottom line, it’s important to onboard them properly so that they can take advantages of everything your organization has to offer. Training and support videos circumvent often less-desirable written documentation for driving member adoption.

The RDV solution is very cost-effective and convenient for producing small, medium, or large collections of training and support videos. Because everything is remote, we can turn around on a dime to solve member onboarding and support challenges.


Policy changes, new initiatives, and all manner of announcements are best conveyed with the clarity and compassion only video can provide. Award programs, codes of conduct, and leadership elections and their resulting changes all can benefit from the speed and affordability provided by RDV.

Any question asked frequently deserves an easily found and consumed answer. There are some exciting new ways that video can address FAQs, with all the added ease and increased comprehension video can offer.

Remote video offers a safe, fast, and affordable way to promote membership, events, and non-dues revenue. Today’s consumers want a more immersive customer experience, and where written promotional materials often fall short, video excels.

Recording Thought Leader Video on Smartphone

Why Should Organizations Create Videos with RDV?

Remote Directed Video combines stunning video quality, Live Directors, and professional video editing to make it convenient and cost-effective for associations and nonprofits to engage their members. Learn more about  Remote Directed Video.

Produced by Marketers

As experienced marketers, we’ll align the videos we create for you with your business objectives and viewing audience to produce videos that engage, inspire action, and get results.

Safe Without Sacrifice

RDV is recorded remotely and totally safe. With a Live Director and cutting-edge remote capture technology, you don’t have to sacrifice the production or content of your marketing videos.

Fast and Convenient

RDV is a fully turnkey solution, minimizing the impact on staff resources, and making it easy to create multiple audience-ready marketing videos, in as little as 7 days from time of recording.

Exceptional Video

Video is uploaded in its original resolution (up to 4K) and a video expert will remotely “set up the shot” to ensure professional, visually-appealing video.

Professional Direction

A Remote Director communicates with the subject throughout the recording session to ensure the appropriate messaging is delivered and that they look great doing it.

Affordable and Flexible

RDV pricing is 100% transparent, and is available in affordable fixed-price packages, with options to customize your project exactly to your needs and budget.

RDV Makes it Easy for Organizations to Create Videos that Get Results

Remote Directed Video Production makes it easy for nonprofits and associations of all sizes to do more with less, with little impact on staff resources:

  • RDV is Safe – Create high-quality videos, comparable to on-location productions, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • RDV is Fast – With guidance from a video director, recording a video is easy, and they and are turned into finished videos in as little as 7 days.
  • RDV is Affordable – Without the need for film crews or pro-grade equipment, 5+ videos can be created for the price of one on-location production.

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