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Testimonials, in any form, are of the the most powerful marketing and sales assets a business has at its disposal – but video takes the effectiveness of testimonials to a whole new level! View video testimonial examples from our portfolio below, or schedule a consultation.

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Home Safety Monitoring Device and Service

Thoughtcast Media traveled to a Ting customer’s home to capture the story of how Ting saved their home from electrical fire, and continues to provide peace of mind for the homeowner.

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SaaS Association Management Software

Thoughtcast Media delivered customer testimonial videos, for use by sales and marketing, that captured the excitement Impexium customers have for the their SaaS platform and how it’s helped enhance how they serve their members.

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Association Management System for Legal Institute

Thoughtcast Media asked a Fonteva customer what it was like moving to an Association Management Software (AMS) built on the Salesforce platform, and how it improved their operations and data management.

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