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A testimonial video production company that has created 100s of testimonial videos.

We’ve created countless testimonial videos since our video production company opened its doors in 2016. We are now a fully remote testimonial video production company with the ability to record in 127+ countries.

See examples of the testimonial videos we’ve produced below and discover the advantages of working with a remote testimonial video production company.

Testimonial Video Case Study

“Our client testimonials and customer success stories have always been an important part of our marketing campaigns. When COVID hit […] the remote videos that Thoughtcast Media provides really allowed us to continue building content in a safe way.”

Featured Testimonial Video Production

As a testimonial video production company, it’s important that the testimonials we create not only look professional, but also tell a compelling story and deliver business results for our clients. Learn about our company’s remote video testimonial production solution.

[RDV Testimonials] are effective in building credibility and I’m very pleased with the finished product.

Norm Fink, Crows Nest Software

More Customer Testimonial Video Examples

Testimonial Video for Courier App

Testimonial Video for Membership SaaS

Testimonial Video for Consumer Product

We Make it Easy to Create High-Quality Testimonial Videos

Businesses can make it easy for their customers to provide testimonials with confidence, and with advantages over traditional, on-location video productions:

  • RDV is Fast – Remote recording sessions take just 30-60 minutes, with guidance from a remote director and interviewer, with edits in as little as 5 days.
  • RDV is Easy– Conveniently create high-quality videos testimonials with customers around the world.
  • RDV is Affordable – There are no film crews or expensive equipment, so you can produce 5 videos for roughly the price of one on-location production.

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RDV is a Trusted Solution for These Brands

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How We’re Different From Other Video Testimonial Production Companies

We’re a video production company that focuses 100% on remote video production and have produced 100s of testimonials with our clients’ customers around the world.

Since 2020, our company started producing video testimonials entirely remotely, streamlining our processes to deliver you the same professional testimonials – faster, easier and more affordably than before.

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Traditional Video Production vs. Remote Directed Video Production Comparison Chart

A Testimonial Video Agency that Makes Video Production Easy

The cost of equipment, film crews, and custom editing quickly add up when you’re creating videos for your business. This is especially true when you have to send film crews to customers’ locations.

The truth is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get testimonial videos that produce results.

With a remote video production agency, you can record customers in 125+ countries and instead of disturbing their whole day, they can provide you with a testimonial in as little as 30 minutes, and get an edited video back in just 5 days.

Learn how we make it easy to produce videos remotely.

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