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Explore examples of corporate videos our company has produced with Remote Directed Video (RDV)

We’ve remotely produced hundreds of corporate videos, from production strategy to editing, for businesses around the world.

See examples of our corporate video productions below and discover how you too can get results for your business with video.

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Creating videos has typically been too expensive or time-consuming for most businesses. Remote Directed Video (RDV) solves this.

RDV combines remote video capture with professional direction and editing into one convenient package.

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RDV enabled Impexium to safely expand on their vast library of high-quality video testimonials throughout the pandemic.

“Our client testimonials and customer success stories have always been an important part of our marketing campaigns.”

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Association technology consulting firm, Dennison & Associates, created videos that answer common questions they receive, from both prospects and existing clients, to reach new audiences and establish themselves as a trusted source of information.

Dennison and Associates

ASAE used videos to add value for event partners, and to promote their first virtual annual meeting.

“Our partners were very pleased with the videos, Thoughtcast Media was super easy to work with, and the whole process had little impact on staff resources.”


Corporate Video Production Case Studies

Impexium Safely Expanded Their Library of Video Testimonials in 2020
ASAE Added Value for First Virtual Annual Meeting Event Partners

What Customers Say About Our Corporate Video Production Services

We’d get that end product and be like, “YES – that was exactly what I was thinking!”

[Thoughtcast Media’s approach] made so much sense.

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American College of Radiology
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Why Should Your Business Create Videos with RDV?

Remote Directed Video combines cutting-edge remote video capture technology, Live Directors, and professional video editing to make creating business videos easy and cost-effective for your business. Learn more about  Remote Directed Video.

Produced by Marketers

As experienced marketers, we’ll align the videos we create for you with your business objectives and viewing audience to produce videos that engage, inspire action, and get results.

Safe Without Sacrifice

RDV is recorded remotely and totally safe. With a Live Director and cutting-edge remote capture technology, you don’t have to sacrifice the production or content of your marketing videos.

Fast and Convenient

RDV is a fully turnkey solution, minimizing the impact on staff resources, and making it easy to create multiple audience-ready marketing videos, in as little as 7 days from time of recording.

Exceptional Video

Video is uploaded in its original resolution (up to 4K) and a video expert will remotely “set up the shot” to ensure professional, visually-appealing video.

Professional Direction

A Remote Director communicates with the subject throughout the recording session to ensure the appropriate messaging is delivered and that they look great doing it.

Affordable and Flexible

RDV pricing is 100% transparent, and is available in affordable fixed-price packages, with options to customize your project exactly to your needs and budget.