Remote Directed Video (RDV) Production

Create videos for your business with just an iPhone or webcam, and support from our video marketing experts.

Remote Directed Video (RDV) combines remote video capture technology, guidance from marketing experts, a video director, and post-production editing, to make creating videos for your business safe, fast and affordable.

Why Should Your Business Start Using Remote Directed Video?

RDV is Safe


Using RDV makes creating professional quality videos for your business safe again, with just an iPhone or webcam, WIFI and a remote Thoughtcast Media video director.

RDV is Fast


Our video marketing experts can help you design an RDV package that provides you with the exact videos your business needs to produce results – in as little as 10 days.


With RDV you can significantly cut production costs – without cutting corners – making it possible to create six remote videos for the price of a single conventional production.

Partnering with Thoughtcast Media, for our customers to put together Remote Directed Videos has been a really great experience for us and our customers.

– Ben Muscolino, CEO, Breezio

3 Ways to Get Results for Your Business with Remote Directed Video


RDV makes capturing customer testimonial videos safe and convenient – for both you and your customers.


RDV is perfect for those wanting to take a commanding role as a thought leader in their industry.


RDV creates new opportunities to add value for sponsors and exhibitors of your virtual event.

Other Videos You Can Create with RDV

Culture & Brand Videos

Demo & How-to Videos

Social Media Videos

Video Ads

Announcement Videos

Event Promotion Videos

Why Choose Remote Directed Video?

Remote Directed Video is more than just a convenient way to remotely capture high-quality video. RDV is a start-to-finish solution for creating business videos that get results.

Video Testimonial Strategy

Access to Video Experts

Remote Video Capture

Directed Video Capture

RDV Review and Revisions


This and so much more, as low as $363 per video

Creating videos for your business has never been this easy and affordable. Discover everything included with your RDV order or schedule a consultation to design a custom package.

How Remote Directed Video Works

Remote Directed Video is a turnkey solution that makes it easy to get professional videos for your business whenever you need them – starring you, your CEO, a company spokesperson, or satisfied customers many miles away.

Strategy & Planning
We take a holistic look at your business, what you’d like to accomplish, and how video could be used to reach your goals. We’ll then use this information to develop the ideal production strategy for your business.
Remote Video Capture
Your customer logs in via iPhone App or web browser and connects with their director. The director coaches through the process, and interviews them if necessary. to ensure quality footage. Footage is then securely uploaded to our private cloud at its original resolution for editing.
Video Editing & Revisions
Our editors take the footage and produce a rough cut with content editing, color and audio correction, and the basic design elements you requested (logo sequences, calls-to-action, names and titles, etc.). A rough cut of the video will be uploaded to our video collaboration platform, where you'll be able to review the video and request specific changes (two additional rounds of edits included) before you download the final, polished video.

Remote Directed Video is Trusted by These Brands

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As low as $363 per video

Schedule a consultation and design a custom RDV package.

You Provide the Smartphone or Webcam

iPhone 7 and up (preferred) or webcam (1080p recommended). Internet connection also required.

We Provide the Rest

  • Strategy and video concept development
  • Coaching from a remote director and interviewer
  • Video editing and post-production
  • Videos that get results!

Frequently Asked Questions

After placing your order will be asked to schedule a call with one of our marketing experts, to discuss the goals, content and style of your videos.

On this call, your assigned project manager will collect the information needed to provide you with a Strategic Marketing Overview that includes a strategic brief, recommended editorial schedule, content outlines of your videos, and style suggestions.

We’ll also get an address to deliver your RDV Gear Kit to and you’ll be asked to schedule your first remote recording session at this time.

Your standard order, without any add-on services, includes the following:

  • Tripod and external microphone
  • Marketing strategy and expertise
  • Video concept development
  • Assistance from professional director
  • Video color correction
  • Audio optimization
  • Logo reveal, call-to-action, lower third titles, and transitions
  • Marketing-optimized 16×9 videos

Remote Directed Videos can be up to 3 minutes long in the final, delivered edit. More minutes can be purchased for an additional fee.

Yes. Once your project is complete, we will “settle up” and either bill you for added features or issue a refund for features not used.

Speak with you producer or director to make changes.

Our goal is to deliver a ready-to-deploy video within a maximum of 7 days after your remote recording session.

However, the estimated time of delivery varies depending on the length and complexity of your videos, as well as the time spent on revisions.

We understand that sometimes you can’t wait a week for a video, and are happy to do our best to accommodate for special circumstances.

Our video review and collaboration platform makes it easy to get involved in the editing process and help guide the direction of your videos.

You’ll be invited to provide your feedback on three versions of each video; two rough cuts and a final cut. For each of the rough cuts you’ll be able to recommend edits. The final cut is for verifying that all your recommended edits have been made.

For customers with more elaborate internal review processes, we’re happy to discuss alternative payment options.

Not much.

If you’re participating in a remote video shoot, you can schedule your shoot at your own convenience, using our online scheduling calendar. We’ll also send you a document entitled, Preparing for Your Remote Directed Video Shoot, with everything you need to know about:

  • Choosing a location (your director can help you choose between locations during the recording session.)
  • How to setup and position your tripod and connect the external microphone.
  • And other advice to ensure a productive and performative recording session.

If you’re managing a project involving multiple subjects from outside your organization, all we really need is a soft introduction to those subjects. Our producers will take care of the rest, including sending them equipment, scheduling their shoots, and answering their questions.

Most videos are captured within 30 minutes, though the first recording session with a subject may take a little longer.

You’ll get better and faster with practice, too!

Once you’ve signed off on the final cut of your video, you can download full-resolution versions directly from our video collaboration platform.

RDV supports a wide range of animated text options, screens, transitions, and lower thirds. However, original computer-generated imagery (CGI), original artwork, character animation, and other forms of advanced image manipulation are not supported.

Of course.

You’ll be invited to provide your feedback on three versions of each video; two rough cuts and a final cut. For each of the rough cuts you’ll be able to recommend edits. The final cut is for verifying that all your recommended edits have been made.

For customers with more elaborate internal review processes, we’re happy to discuss alternative payment options.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the videos we produce for you, we will happily refund the unused portion of your order.

Remote Directed Video software is compatible with many iPhones and iPads, and webcams above 720p resolution. A 3 Mbps WiFi connection or better is also required.

See the chart for the full list of compatible iOS devices:

No, a strong WIFI connection of 3Mbps or greater is required for stability while recording remotely.

The app that makes RDV possible relies on WIFI to allow you to see and hear the director and for the director to see and hear you. The slower your WIFI speed, the harder it is for everyone to communicate and for your director to adjust camera settings.

The app also uses WIFI to upload completed files from iPhones and webcams to the RDV private cloud. The slower the WIFI speed, the slower the uploads.

We can capture remote directed videos around the world! Unfortunately, we’re only able to support English-speaking subjects at this time.

The RDV solution is designed to provide clients with a wide range of preferences for producing their videos. If we are able to accommodate clients beyond those preference, we will do so on a time and materials basis. Please, ask your producer or director for details.