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Straightforward video marketing solutions.

Developing a strategy for adding video to your marketing mix can be confusing if you haven’t worked extensively with video before.

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Growing with video, doesn’t mean you have to grow your marketing budget.

Adding video to your marketing mix hasn’t traditionally been easy – often requiring you to expand your team or hire outside help at a premium.

We’ve cracked the code of video marketing, effectively making video content as easy to acquire and deploy as any other type of content. Our streamlined and fixed-price packages make it easy to get your hands on high quality video content that delivers marketing results – without breaking the bank.

Harness the Full Power of Video

If you want to make video a profitable part of your marketing mix, it’s important that you have a video marketing strategy, that extends beyond your normal digital marketing or content marketing strategy, and maximizes the impact of the videos you get produced.

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  • The best way to have your videos produced, based on your needs and budget
  • The video marketing channels that will deliver the greatest reach and engagement for your brand

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Fixed-Price Video Marketing Services

Remote Directed Video

Remote Directed Video Production

As the fastest, most affordable way to add video to your marketing mix, our Remote Directed Video Production packages don’t require an on-site crew, making it easy for anyone to get video content at scale, without many of the costs normally associated with video production, but all the advantages that video affords.

Video Testimonial Production

Video Testimonial Production

Video testimonials turn prospects into customers, unlike any other type of content. Our on-site video testimonial production service includes scheduling with your customers, sending a video crew to their location, and a director-interviewer to ask the right questions, resulting in a high-impact video testimonial.

Marketing Strategy

Make Video Work for Your Business

Learn how our team of marketing experts can help you develop a video marketing and production strategy that gets results.

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Testimonial Video

More Than Just Video Content

Video alone is not enough to secure business success. So, beyond video production, from marketing strategy development to content distribution, promotion, and all the other allied marketing disciplines that make video and other content work in the real world – Thoughtcast Media can help.