Remote Video Production Services

Live-action remote video production made easy.

Quickly and cost-effectively produce professional videos with support from our Remote Directors and other video experts.

“The process Thoughtcast Media follows is exceptional! From conception to execution, it all makes sense and results in marketing videos that really work for our firm.”

Carl Sumter, Savor Strategies

Here’s what most video production companies don’t want you to know…

Some videos simply can’t be created outside of a studio or without a full film crew, but the vast majority of videos that your business needs can be recorded with just a smartphone or webcam and some professional direction.

Remote Directed Video (RDV) uses accessible technologies and proven processes to make recording professional video content, anywhere in the world, easy and affordable.

In-Person Video Productions vs. Remote Directed Video Productions

Professional, High-Quality Video

Record in up to 4K with help from expert Remote Directors and industry-leading technology, resulting in footage that is almost indistinguishable from in-person video shoots.

Shorter Turnaround Times

Skip the expensive gear, travel and film crews. Remote Directed Video gets you professional video footage faster and on shorter notice, wherever your subjects are.

Transparent Pricing for Every Budget

Record multiple videos for the price of a single in-person video shoot – with predictable pricing, no unforeseen costs, and many opportunities to save when you produce more video.

Convenient Capture, Minimal Effort

Quickly schedule video shoots online and our producers and Remote Directors can handle the rest, so your subjects can get back to their days and you can do more of what you do best.

Scales to Meet High-Volume Video Needs

Whether looking to expand your video capabilities or to fulfill your immediate video needs, Remote Directed Video is able to support even the most demanding production schedules.

Remote Video Production Services
For Any Video Production Workflow

Produce videos faster and more affordably with remote video production solutions that fit your workflow, whether you’re looking to expand your video capabilities or increase your content output.

Remote Directed Video Capture

Want an easier and more efficient way to record professional video?

  • Capture video with subjects around the world
  • Expert Remote Directors and Videographers
  • Up to 4K resolution with phones, tablets or webcams

Remote Directed Video Capture & Editing Bundle

Want fully edited videos up to 3 minutes long?

  • Remote Directed Video Capture
  • Videos edited to your specifications
  • Multiple rounds of editing revisions included

Custom Video Editing

Enlist our editors to turn any footage into finished videos that meet your exact specifications.

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Remote Directed Video Makes it Easy to
Create Videos With Remote Teams & Subjects

Create many different types of live-action video content for your business with help from our Remote Directors and other video production and marketing experts.

RDV makes capturing customer testimonial videos convenient for both you and your customers, wherever they are.

RDV is a fast, easy and scalable way to produce the video content you need to fuel your marketing campaigns.

RDV makes it easy to create video content for use before, during and after an event – with sponsors, speakers, attendees and more.

Thought Leadership

Social Media

Video Ads

Email & Sales Videos

Culture & Brand Videos

Product Reviews & Demos


Event Promotion

Content Marketing

A Better Way to Produce Videos for Your Business

Remote Video Production Experts

Our remote video producers, directors, editors and video marketing experts work with your team and subjects to eliminate the costs, complexities and physical barriers of creating professional videos for your business.

Industry-Leading Remote VIdeo Technology

The remote video production technologies we use make it easy create professional video content that is almost indistinguishable from in-person productions. Using smartphones, tablets and webcams, you’re able to capture crystal clear audio and video in up to 4K resolution, wherever there’s WIFI.

Stress-Tested & Scalable Production Processes

Eliminate the friction and physical barriers of traditional video production, and start producing videos for a fraction of the time and cost. We’ve remotely produced of hundreds of videos, and have streamlined the video production process to deliver videos as quickly and affordably as possible, with pricing that helps you produce more video content for even less.

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Schedule a Consultation

Get in touch with a video expert to talk strategy, design a Remote Directed Video package that fits your needs and budget, and get a firm quote.

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Which Remote Video Production Service is Right for You?

Remote Directed Video easily integrates with how you work, to cost-effectively expand your production capabilities, scale up your video content output, and rapidly complete projects.

Most Flexible
Remote Directed Video Capture
As Low as $600 Per Session
All-You-Can-Capture Sessions
1-Hour Remote Capture Sessions
Remote Directors for Every Session
Project & Subject Coordination
Production Strategy & Schedule
Video Editing Available at an Hourly Rate
Record Multiple Videos in a Single Session
Remote Directed Capture & Editing Bundle
As Low as $750 Per Video
Receive Edited Videos up to 3 Minutes Long
30-Min. Remote Capture Sessions Per Video
Remote Directors for Every Session
Project & Subject Coordination
Production Strategy & Schedule
Receive a First Edit of Videos in Under a Week
Multiple Rounds of Revision Included
Video Template Styled to Your Brand (Intro/Outro, Lower Thirds, Calls-to-Action, Etc.)
Royalty-free Soundtrack
Earn Free Videos with Fast Finish Bonuses

Simple, Transparent and Predictable Pricing

Pay only for what you need, with fixed-price packages that strip out all the unnecessary costs and complexities of producing videos for your business.

Save More When You Record More Video

Remote Directed is already a more efficient and affordable way to produce video content, but you can unlock even bigger savings when you record monthly or get made-to-order, edited videos.


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