Video for Small Businesses

Small businesses can get big results with these videos.

Running a small business can be challenging. (Believe me, we know.) There are a million things to do and often not enough money or people to do them.

Remote Directed Video (RDV) is a convenient and cost-effective ways for businesses to create professional and effective videos, with little impact on employee workloads.

The following are four types of video that have proven especially helpful to our small business clients.

A New Way for Small Businesses to Create Videos

Traditionally, small businesses looking to leverage the many benefits of video marketing face a real dilemma – either deal with the expense and inefficiency of traditional video production or produce video content yourself. Remote Directed Video is the safe, fast, and affordable alternative to traditional productions, with expensive gear and invasive film crews.

Thought leadership videos can get you discovered by prospects with problems you can solve. These videos answer questions your prospects are asking, in ways that paint your products and services in a positive light.

Using keywords that your prospects search for, thought leadership videos are optimized for search engines (SEO). They’re a great way for prospects to find you, at the beginning of their customer journey.

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“I can tell Thoughtcast Media what I need out of a video, and they can get subject matter experts, customers, and thought leaders to say the things that correlate with that message.”

Jacob Fabbri, Chief Marketing Officer, Fonteva

Small Business How-to Video Example

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This small retail business uses videos to engage and educate their customers and prospects on social media, with how-to videos that attract new audiences and help them solve common problems.

Social proof is the name of the game, and nothing provides that proof like customer testimonial videos.

Customer testimonial videos demonstrate that your products and services perform as advertised and let prospective customers know that your customer trust you and rely on your work.

Deployed where customers are making final decisions to buy, testimonial videos are designed to help customers over that last hurdle of doubt, and often spell the difference between you and your competitors. The company with the best customer testimonial videos is positioned for success and often gets the nod once the customer is ready to pull the trigger on a buying decision

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Client Testimonial Video Example

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“[RDV Testimonials] are effective in building credibility and I’m very pleased with the finished product.”

Norm Fink
Crows Nest Software

People are more likely to watch a video about your product than they are to read about it. A good product video won’t take the place of a full demo, but it should serve to capture customers’ interests, highlight distinguishing characteristics, and give viewers a sense of how the product works to solve one or more problems. They bring solutions to life by demonstrating how a product actually works to meet one or more challenges.

The RDV solution utilizes synchronous screen capture and live-action video to efficiently create videos that position your product effectively within a competitive landscape and make your product stand out from the crowd.

We can also include b-roll footage, charts and graphs, as well as a soundtrack that will set the tone for your video. Thoughtcast Media can collaborate with you to write a script or simply record and edit at your direction.

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Imagine if every prospective customer you spoke with already knew exactly what your company does and how they do it.

FAQ videos can answer broader questions your customers and prospects are asking, to attract and educate new audiences. With a more educated audience, they can be better prepared to make a buying decision, and you can position your brand as experts at what you do.

FAQ videos can also be built on top of the questions specific to your product or service that you and your salespeople receive from customers over and over again. How does it work? How long does it take? What’s included? What does it cost?

Let customers discover the answers to these questions and more. Not only will you eliminate tire kickers and customers who aren’t a good fit, you start having much more productive conversations with customers and win extra points for honesty and authenticity.

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“The process Thoughtcast Media follows is exceptional! From conception to execution, it all makes sense and results in marketing videos that really work for our firm.”

Carl Sumter, Savor Strategies

Small Business FAQ Video Example

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This association technology consulting firm created videos to address common questions they receive, from both prospects and existing clients, to reach new audiences and establish themselves as a trusted source of information.

Why Should Small Businesses Produce Videos with RDV?

Remote Directed Video combines stunning video quality, Live Directors, and professional video editing to make producing videos convenient and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about  Remote Directed Video.

Produced by Marketers

As experienced marketers, we’ll align the videos we create for you with your business objectives and viewing audience to produce videos that engage, inspire action, and get results.

Safe Without Sacrifice

RDV is recorded remotely and totally safe. With a Live Director and cutting-edge remote capture technology, you don’t have to sacrifice the production or content of your marketing videos.

Fast and Convenient

RDV is a fully turnkey solution, minimizing the impact on staff resources, and making it easy to create multiple audience-ready marketing videos, in as little as 7 days from time of recording.

Exceptional Video

Video is uploaded in its original resolution (up to 4K) and a video expert will remotely “set up the shot” to ensure professional, visually-appealing video.

Professional Direction

A Remote Director communicates with the subject throughout the recording session to ensure the appropriate messaging is delivered and that they look great doing it.

Affordable and Flexible

RDV pricing is 100% transparent, and is available in affordable fixed-price packages, with options to customize your project exactly to your needs and budget.

RDV Makes it Easy for Small Businesses to Get Results with Video

Remote Directed Video Production makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to do more with less, with little impact on staff resources:

  • RDV is Safe – Create high-quality videos, comparable to on-location productions, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • RDV is Fast – With guidance from a video director, recording a video is easy, and they and are turned into finished videos in as little as 7 days.
  • RDV is Affordable – Without the need for film crews or pro-grade equipment, 5+ videos can be created for the price of one on-location production.

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