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About Thoughtcast Media, a Video Marketing Agency

Thoughtcast Media is a video content marketing agency that helps organizations build brand value with thought leader video content. We work with our clients to turn existing resources into video content that inspires and, above all, converts prospects into customers.

Video is the fastest growing marketing medium today, but many marketers are cautious because there are so many options, some of which can be very expensive. Thoughtcast Media produces video content affordably and quickly by taking what has always been a very open-ended service and productizing it to the point that we can provide a fixed price, repeatable solution to our clients.

Thoughtcast Media was founded by Paul Gannon. A career marketing executive, Paul adopted video marketing when the discipline was still in its infancy. He founded PersonifyTV in 2006, where he was the driving force behind innumerable corporate video productions, including four long-running weekly news programs, and a wealth of live programming. Paul founded Thoughtcast Media in 2014, in order to share his passion and expertise in video marketing with a new generation of video marketing adopters.

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Learn how we’ve combined the necessary components of quality video content into a productized solution that gives marketers what they really need – content that converts – both quickly and affordably. Learn more about our video marketing services.