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Paul Gannon, CEO

Paul Gannon, CEO
Thoughtcast Media

After more than 30 years as a marketing executive, I left my cushy corporate job to start Thoughtcast Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in video marketing and the allied marketing disciplines that make video work in the real world.

I became a video adherent about a dozen years ago when the enterprise software company I worked for was struggling with an unusually long sales cycle.

It took customers as many as five years to make the decision to switch to another software system, and I had to stay out in front of them as they worked through that very complicated and expensive decision.

I found out pretty quickly that I could create content faster and less expensively with video than I could with any other medium. So, I built a small studio, retrained my staff, and started producing content on a weekly basis.

It transformed the way we did business.

Of course, I still had a full spate of other corporate duties competing for my time, so in 2016, I left my job to start Thoughtcast Media and focus all my attention on video marketing.

I believe that buying quality video marketing services should be both easy and affordable. Video shouldn’t be a novelty, but rather an ordinary part of any organizations’ marketing mix.

As a still-emerging marketing tactic, video remains a headache for many organizations. I started this company to put an end to that.

I could create content faster and less expensively with video than I could with any other medium.
Video remains a headache for many organizations. I started this company to put an end to that.

At Thoughtcast Media, we’ve made quality video marketing as approachable and affordable as possible. We provide complete solutions that take customers from initial strategy, through production and ultimately distribution and promotion.

We’ve created fixed-price turnkey packages for many of the most typical applications of video, to help customers understand exactly what they’re paying for, while making our services as affordable as we can.

Most importantly, we don’t believe in video for video’s sake.

Every video we produce has a very specific role to play in helping our customers captivate audiences, inspires engagement, and drives results.

I encourage you to explore further. If you’re a marketing professional looking to add video as a normal part of your marketing mix, you’ll find a home here at Thoughtcast Media.

Contact me, so that we can explore what video marketing can do to help you transform the way you do business.

Write to me at pgannon@thoughtcastmedia.tv, give me a call me 703-627-0493, or contact us here.

-Paul Gannon
 CEO, Thoughtcast Media

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If you want to make video a profitable part of your marketing mix, it’s important that you have a video marketing strategy, that extends beyond your normal digital marketing or content marketing strategy, and maximizes the impact of the videos you get produced.

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are Saying

Savor Strategies is a Washington D.C-based business coaching and consulting firm specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Thoughtcast Media created a series of three thought leader videos, optimized to drive customers to their website.

CorePartners’ team of information technology specialists focus on custom software development, integrations, and consulting. Thoughtcast Media produced a series of thought leader and product videos, and provided marketing support.

Impexium is a leading provider of enterprise association management software (AMS) systems. Thoughtcast Media worked with them to create a series of thought leader and customer testimonial videos to highlight their work in the AMS market.

Thoughtcast Media produced dozens of thought leader videos to help drive top-of-funnel awareness. Ongoing strategic marketing support, social, social live video, and email marketing, to drive traffic and sales of their premium newsletter, were also provided.

Fonteva was born in 2010 and has rapidly become the fastest growing and most exciting cloud computing software company focused on associations and charities. Thoughtcast Media worked with Fonteva to produce customer testimonials.

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