With Remote Directed Video Capture, the world is your studio!

Record professional video wherever there’s WIFI, with help from expert remote directors and producers – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

“It’s hands-off coordination, they provide you wonderful footage, and they do it all in an efficient manner.”

Kristina Nguyen, #FintechStartup

Why Record Videos for Your Business with Remote Directed Video?

Record Anywhere

All you need is a mobile device or webcam and a WIFI connection.

Expert Remote Direction

Get professional footage with Remote Directors who ensure your videos and subjects look their best.

Remote Collaboration

Collaborators can join in on remote sessions and provide live feedback.

Quick & Convenient

Book remote sessions online and record multiple videos in one session.

Crystal-Clear Quality

Record in up to 4K, and unlike software like Zoom or Skype, no quality is lost to streaming.

Scripted or Interview

Deliver lines via teleprompter or directors can interview subjects.

Cost-effective & Scalable

Without expensive gear or crews, you can create videos for a fraction of the cost and reduce your production costs even further when you create more.

Book by the hour and save when you record monthly.

Record professional video with Remote Directors in 60-minute capture sessions, and unlock significant savings when you plan to record every month.

Perfect for creating videos with remote teams and external subjects spread across the globe.

  • 1-hour Capture Sessions with Remote Directors to help subjects record professional videos and deliver their content, by interview or script.
  • All footage recorded during your remote sessions.
  • Producers to manage projects, coordinate subjects and deliver the footage you need, on time.
  • Record in up to 4K with mobile devices and webcams, with no quality lost to streaming.

For most videos up to three minutes long, you can unlock huge savings with our Capture & Editing Bundle. Custom video editing is also available at a flat hourly rate.

This is likely the best pricing option for you, unless you want to streamline the capture and editing of videos under three minutes long.

per hour session
1 Session/Mo.
per hour session
Save 12%!
2 Sessions/Mo.
per hour session
Save 17%!
3 Sessions/Mo.
per hour session
Save 24.5%!
  1. Strategy, Kick-off and Coordination
    Strategize with our experts to develop creatives briefs and a timeline, and we’ll coordinate with subjects to get you the videos you need – on time.
  2. Subjects Schedule Their Remote Sessions
    Subjects book a time with a Remote Director, using our online tool. Subjects are then sent any needed gear and prepped for their shoots.
  3. Subject Record with a Remote Director
    Subjects connect via smartphone, tablet or webcam with a Remote Director who can adjust their camera settings, so your subjects and videos look their best.

How the Remote Directed Video Capture Service Works

Remote Directed Video is optimized for quality, speed and efficiency, and easily fits into your remote video production workflow – no matter where your team or subjects are located.

Bundle remote directed capture with video editing for even further savings and efficiency.

In-Person Video Productions vs. Remote Directed Video Productions

Remote Directed Video vs. In-Person Production

Professional, High-Quality Video

Shorter Turnaround Times

Transparent & Predictable Pricing

Convenient Capture, Minimal Effort

Scales to Meet All Your Video Needs

Remote Directed Video Production is a More efficient way to produce these videos and more!

RDV makes capturing customer testimonial videos convenient for both you and your customers, wherever they are.

RDV is a fast, easy and scalable way to produce the video content you need to fuel your marketing campaigns.

RDV makes it easy to create video content for use before, during and after an event – with sponsors, speakers, attendees and more.

Thought Leadership

Social Media

Video Ads

Email & Sales Videos

Culture & Brand Videos

Product Reviews & Demos


Event Promotion

Content Marketing

How Our Customers are using Remote Directed Video Production

Check out these case studies from Remote Directed Video customers and see what our remote videography and editing solution is capable of.

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ASAE Added Value for First Virtual Annual Meeting Event Partners

Schedule a Consultation

Get in touch with a video expert to talk strategy, design a Remote Directed Video package that fits your needs and budget, and get a firm quote.

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Do You Need
Video Editing Services?

We provide multiple cost-effective ways to have your footage edited into finished videos, to fit and streamline your production workflow.

Save by Bundling Remote Capture and Editing

For videos up to 3 minutes long

Flat Hourly Video Editing Rates

For longer videos and custom projects

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