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Video production for businesses that want to cut costs without cutting corners.

Fixed-price video production packages make it easy and cost-effective to produce high-quality videos that will help you stand out and connect with your audience.

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Choose from three convenient and cost-effective ways to create videos with Remote Directed Video! Start building your order and a receive a free cost-estimate (no email required).

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Select Remote Directed Capture Pricing

Remote Directed Capture Hourly Rates

Book recording time with Remote Directors to record as much as you want in hour-long sessions, and receive all raw footage captured during each session.

Select Custom Video Editing

Custom Video Editing Hourly Rates

Get videos edited to your exact specifications, using remotely captured footage or footage of your own, and other media. Start here if you ONLY need video editing.

Select 3-Minute Video Capture and Editing Bundle

Capture and Editing Bundle Per Video Pricing

For videos under 3 minutes in final runtime, unlock incredible savings and instant scalability, with this bundled package that includes everything you need to create most videos!

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Capture + Editing Bundle

Save more when you order more, and take up to 12 months to schedule your remote recording sessions.

Videos as part of this package can be as long as 3-minutes in final duration and include multiple rounds of video editing revisions.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Improve the quality of your videos, with a tripod and microphone that we'll ship to your subjects for them to keep.

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Custom Video Editing

Each video editing task is unique, so schedule a consultation in the next step to get a more accurate quote. Custom editing work is priced by the hour, and this is only a rough estimate.

Enter the approximate number of minutes of finished you wish to receive.

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Remote Directed Video Capture

Record professional videos with subjects around the world, with Remote Directors, who will guide you or other subjects through the delivery of their content, either by script or interview.

Book time with our remote directors in 60-minute blocks and receive all raw footage collected during your subject's recording session.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Improve the quality of your videos, with a tripod and microphone that we'll ship to your subjects for them to keep.

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Why Produce Videos with Remote Directed Video (RDV)?

Remote Directed Video is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to remotely record professional footage, and turn it into effective videos for your business. Get exact pricing and learn how each of our video production packages can work to your advantage.

Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners

We make it easy to remotely capture footage that rivals the quality of on-location video productions – for a fraction of the cost.

Record Anywhere, for One Fixed Price

Ditch the unpredictability and added costs of on-location shoots. Record with subjects wherever there’s a reliable WIFI connection.

Scalable and Flexible to Meet Your Needs

We make it easy to produce more videos, and you can save extra when you do! Take up to 12 months after ordering to record your videos.

With the remote videos we’ve been able, for basically the same price, to get five or six videos for the price of one.

Patrick Dorsey, EVP of Marketing, Impexium

RDV is a Trusted Solution for These Brands

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Break down the physical barriers and eliminate the costs and complexities of producing video content for your business.
Contact us to discuss your remote video production project and get an exact quote!

Which Remote Video Production Package Is Right for You?

Remote Directed Video provides multiple ways to produce videos – quickly and affordably – enabling you to rapidly complete video projects or scale up your video content output.

Most Flexible
Remote Directed Video Capture

$795 Per Hour Session

All-You-Can-Capture Sessions
1-Hour Remote Capture Sessions
Remote Directors for Every Session
Subject Coordination
Producer, Production Strategy & Schedule
Video Editing Available at an Hourly Rate
Record Multiple Videos in a Single Session
Remote Directed Capture & Editing Bundle

As Low as $750 Per Video

Receive Edited Videos up to 3 Minutes Long
30-Min. Remote Capture Sessions Per Video
Remote Directors for Every Session
Subject Coordination
Producer, Production Strategy & Schedule
Receive a First Edit of Videos in Under a Week
Multiple Rounds of Revision Included
Video Template Styled to Your Brand (Intro/Outro, Lower Thirds, Calls-to-Action, Etc.)
Royalty-free Soundtrack
Earn Free Videos with Fast Finish Bonuses

Remote Directed Video Capture & Editing Bundles

Capture & Editing Bundles are the fastest and most cost-effective way to produce finished videos for your business, and include everything you might need to create most videos.

Remote Directed Capture and Editing Bundles are perfect for businesses that need a start-to-finish video production solution that includes remotely recording footage and editing that footage into final videos (up to 3 minutes in duration).

Remote directed capture sessions are 30-minutes long, and you don’t receive the full raw footage from your remote shoots, but this will allow us to deliver your finished videos as fast as possible and at extra low rates.

  • Fully edited videos up to 3 minutes in duration.
  • Strategy and planning to ensure you get your videos on-spec and on-time.
  • 30-min. video capture sessions with our remote directors.
  • Multiple rounds of revisions to get your video just right.
  • 12 months to record your videos, and free Fast Finish Bonus videos when you complete your order in under 6 months.
Single Video
Starter Pack
Save $190!
Save $780!
1-Video Fast Finish Bonus
Save $2,455!
2-Video Fast Finish Bonus

Remote Directed Video Capture

The most cost-effective option for those capable of recording multiple videos in one session, or for businesses that have their own editing resources or just need a little more flexibility.

The hourly Remote Directed Capture option gives you the flexibility to record longer, more elaborate videos for your business, or you can record multiple videos in a single session. We can then edit them for you, or you can have them edited yourself.

Remote directed capture sessions are a full hour long, and you will receive all raw footage recorded during your remote shoots, making it easy to for serious content creators to produce video at scale.

  • 1-hour video capture sessions with remote directors.
  • Receive all video footage recorded during your session.
  • 12 full months to record your videos from time of order.
  • See pricing for custom editing work below.
Remote Capture
per hour session

Custom Video Editing

Have your remotely-captured video footage or existing footage edited into finished videos, or receive additional cuts of your bundled videos.

Our flat video editing rates makes it easy to turn your remotely captured footage into new videos, repurpose existing videos, and incorporate other mixed media.

By editing your remote directed video footage with Thoughtcast Media, you can eliminate production and post-production bottlenecks, reducing the cost and turnaround time of your videos in the process.

Each video editing task is unique, we won’t know the final cost until the project is complete, but schedule a free consultation with our video experts to receive a more informed estimate.

Use our video pricing tool to get a rough estimate based on how many minutes of finished video you need.

Custom Editing
per hour

Speak with a video expert

Get in touch with a video expert to discuss your video project, and design a remote video production package that fits your needs and budget.

RDV is a Trusted Solution for These Brands

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Stop Overpaying for Video Production

The cost of equipment, crews, and custom editing work quickly adds up and has traditionally made video impractical for many projects. The truth is, you don’t need all the costly bells and whistles associated with traditional productions to get business results.

Remoted Directed Video eliminates many video production costs, making it easy to create multiple videos for the cost of a single video produced with traditional methods – without sacrificing production or content quality.

Traditional Video Production vs. Remote Directed Video Production Comparison Chart

Save Now and Produce Your Video Content Over the Next Year

You can save big when you produce more video content with Remote Directed Video, and you can always be ready to jump on opportunities to enhance your marketing campaigns, sales outreach, events and more – with video!

Contact us to get started on some videos for you today, and take up to a full 12 months to produce the rest.

Everything You Need to Create Videos for Your Business in a Convenient Package

Pay only for what you need, with fixed-price packages that strip out all the unnecessary costs of producing videos for your business.

Learn how the many parts of Remote Directed Video come together to produce professional and effective videos – quickly, easily and cost-effectively – in this video.

Produce Video Content Like This and More for One Fixed Price

Remote Directed Video makes it easy produce a variety of marketing videos, video ads, sales videos and other video content, for a predictable price so you can plan your campaigns and reduce costs.

RDV makes capturing customer testimonial safe and convenient – for both you and your customers.

RDV is a fast, easy and scalable way to produce the video content you need to fuel your marketing campaigns.

RDV creates new opportunities to promote your event and add value for sponsors and exhibitors.

Other Video Content You Can Create with Remote Directed Video

Thought Leadership

Social Media

Video Ads

Email & Sales Videos

Culture & Brand Videos

Product Reviews & Demos


Event Promotion

Content Marketing

Get Results for Your Business with Video

We've produced hundreds of videos for businesses all over the world. Learn how you can get results for your business by scheduling a consultation with our video experts.