Remotely-Recorded Video Testimonials

Creating professional testimonials with your customers is finally safe, fast and affordable with Remote Directed Video (RDV).

Video testimonials have traditionally been expensive to produce, or require you to sacrifice quality and storytelling to keep costs down.

With Remote Directed Video testimonial capture, you can cut the cost of acquiring testimonials, without cutting corners.

Why Use Remote Video for Testimonials?

Customer testimonial videos add the social proof you need to assure prospective customers that your products and services perform as advertised. When your customers vouch for you in a video, it lets everyone know that you deliver on your promises.

Bottom-of-Funnel Magic

A whopping 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content (Demand Gen Report).

Recommendations carry a lot of weight. In fact, 70% of people trust reviews and recommendations they see online.

Customer video testimonials are the best way to harness that trust and get people over any last objections they may have before buying from you. They’re  also effective for 1-to-1 sales.

Safe, Fast & Affordable

The RDV testimonial service is designed to be safe, fast, and affordable.

With remote video capture, there are no film crews, no travel costs, no set-up or tear-down costs and very little overhead – making video testimonials more accessible than ever before.

Every element of the service is touch-free. Customer coordination, shooting, editing, and reviewing are all done online, so there is no risk of exposure at any point in the process.

From a Real RDV User

There’s nothing better than that peer-to-peer endorsement from one of our clients to one of our prospects.

– Patrick Dorsey, EVP of Marketing, Impexium

Video Testimonials Made Safe and Easy

Customer Coordination and Coaching

We make it easy for your customers to schedule a recording session,  where a video expert will interview and coach them through the process, so they’re able to give their best performance.

Turnkey Testimonial Production

We’ll send your customers a video gear kit, and help them set it all up. We’ll interview them, upload the video, edit it into a compelling story, and optimize it for marketing performance.

All They Need is an iPhone or Webcam

Your customers provide the iPhone or webcam and we do the rest. Our process makes it easy for your customers to provide high-quality testimonials without major disruption.

How Remote Video Testimonials Work

Strategy & Planning
We take a holistic look at your business, what you’d like to accomplish, and how video could be used to reach your goals. We’ll then use this information to develop the ideal production strategy for your business.
Customer Coordination
Introduce us to your customers who have agreed to sit for a testimonial video, and we take over. We’ll arrange equipment shipments, work out the technical details, and schedule recording sessions with your customers.
Remote Video Capture
Your customer logs in via iPhone App or web browser and connects with their director. The director coaches through the process, and interviews them if necessary. to ensure quality footage. Footage is then securely uploaded to our private cloud at its original resolution for editing.
Video Editing & Revisions
Our editors take the footage and produce a rough cut with content editing, color and audio correction, and the basic design elements you requested (logo sequences, calls-to-action, names and titles, etc.). A rough cut of the video will be uploaded to our video collaboration platform, where you'll be able to review the video and request specific changes (two additional rounds of edits included) before you download the final, polished video.

The Best Way To Create Video Testimonials Remotely

Having produced hundreds of remotely recorded videos for our customers, we’ve assembled the necessary components of a successful video testimonial production into an affordable, turnkey package.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. Schedule a consultation to customize a package that’s right for you or learn more about our features and add-ons here.

Customer Coordination

We handle all scheduling and coaching of your customers.

Video Gear Kits

We’ll ship your customers a tripod and lavaliere microphone.

Release Management

We’ll work with your customers to secure talent releases.

Advanced Post-Production

Still images or footage added to your video as b-roll.

Social Media Optimization

Get another version of your video in a social-optimized format.

Captions and Transcripts

Get captions and transcripts for accessibility, SEO and social media.

Get Results with Video Testimonials

We've produced hundreds of customer testimonial videos for businesses all over the world. Learn how you can get results for your business by scheduling a consultation with our video experts.