Remote video testimonial production made easy for businesses and customers.

Remote Directed Video makes it convenient and cost-effective to record video testimonials and edit them into valuable marketing and sales assets, with Remote Directors who provide a concierge experience to your customers, resulting in more effective customer stories.

Professional Testimonial Video Production Without All the Cost and Complexity

Our team of marketers, directors and editors, combined with our pro-grade remote video capture technology make it fast, easy and cost-effective to produce video testimonials at scale.

“Our client testimonials and customer success stories have always been an important part of our marketing campaigns. When COVID hit […] the remote videos that Thoughtcast Media provides really allowed us to continue building content in a safe way.”

RDV is a Trusted Solution for These Brands

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Why Use Remote Directed Video for Testimonials?

Remote Directed Video (RDV) for testimonial video production makes it as easy as possible for customers to provide testimonials and reviews, while maintaining a high production standard that represents your brand and helps you drive revenue through compelling customer stories.



  • Record a testimonial in as little as 45 minutes and receive an edit of your video in just 5 business days.
  • Coordinate with several customers at once to quickly grow your library of testimonials, and always be ready to record new customers.


  • A dedicated producer will coordinate with customers and prepare them for their shoot.
  • Customers schedule a convenient time, and a remote director will ensure your customer and video look their very best.


  • Create 5+ customer testimonial videos for the cost of a typical on-location video production.
  • Scale up your ability to capture customer stories, and quickly edit them into powerful assets for your sales and marketing teams.
RDV Live Director

A concierge customer testimonial experience.

With Remote Directed Video, each customer is assigned a dedicated producer to ease them through the process, and a remote director is on every shoot to help them feel comfortable, confident, and deliver a great video testimonial.

Recording Customer Testimonials with RDV

1. Customers Pick a Recording Time

Customers use our scheduling tool to choose a convenient shoot-time, and we prepare them in advance of their shoot.

2. Customers Connect with a Director

Customers connect with a remote director via their smartphone or webcam, and the director will adjust their camera settings, interview them, and make sure they look and sound great.

3. Footage is Edited into a Compelling Customer Testimonial Video

The native resolution footage (up to 4K) is delivered to our editors, who will edit a first cut of your video within 5 business days and upload it to our video collaboration platform, where you can request edits.

Remote Directed Video Capture App
4K Resolution Remote Video Production

Pro-grade testimonials with just a phone or webcam

Remote Directed Video combines cutting edge remote capture technology and professional direction, to ensure you get good footage that can be edited by our team into a compelling customer testimonial video that rivals the quality of a traditional on-location productions.

Examples of Video Testimonials Produced with Remote Directed Video

Testimonial Video for Courier App

Testimonial Video for Membership SaaS

Testimonial Video for Consumer Product

Schedule a Consultation

Get in touch with a video expert to talk strategy, design an RDV testimonial package that fits your needs and budget, and get a firm quote.

Remote Directed Video Compared to Other Methods of Testimonial Video Production

Producing video testimonials has traditionally been expensive and complicated for businesses, and disruptive for customers. Remote Directed Video is a premium experience that’s easy for customers and results in more effective testimonials that you can produce faster and more cost-effectively.

Compared to Traditional On-Location Productions

Traditional Video Production vs. Remote Directed Video Production Comparison Chart

While the quality of video captured by high-end cinema cameras can’t be beat, sending film crews with full gear to a customer’s locations is expensive and time-consuming.

Having a film crew invade your customer’s home or office is also highly disruptive and can eat up a whole day of their precious time.

Remote Directed Video‘s Hollywood-grade remote video recording technology enables us to capture crystal-clear, professional video from anywhere in the world, with trained directors who are able to remotely adjust the customer’s camera settings and communicate with remote subjects to maximize the production quality of your videos.

With a remote director to guide them through the recording process and ask the right questions, customers can feel comfortable and confident to give their best performances, and deliver more compelling, higher converting customer stories.

Compared to UGC Video Testimonial Software and Streaming Apps

Steaming Video Production vs. Remote Directed Video Production Comparison Chart

The ability to send somebody a link to an app made for collecting video testimonials is incredibly convenient, and so is streaming software like Zoom or Skype, but these tools leave a lot to be desired in terms of the consistency and quality of the final testimonial video.

No matter how much instruction you provide to a customer, leaving them to their own devices with User-Generated Content (UGC) video apps rarely results in well-shot videos and they often don’t cover the talking points you were looking for. While video conferencing software has to stream the content to and from their servers before recording, resulting in low resolution, glitchy footage.

Remote Directed Video provides a concierge experience for your customers, so they don’t get frustrated while trying to provide their testimonial and start deducting points in their review. With RDV, footage is recorded locally and not streamed, to maintain full HD resolution and audio.

Video Producer

Every Testimonial is Produced by Experienced Marketers

We’ve produced hundreds of testimonials videos for businesses around the world, since we started in 2016 and have been streamlining the remote video production process since 2020.

We know what it takes to tell a compelling customer story that connects with buyers, and will work with our Live Directors and editors to create video testimonials that get results for your business.

More on how RDV for Testimonials Works

Watch this video to learn how businesses use Remote Directed Video production to create professional and effective testimonial videos with customer around the world – quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Totally Turnkey Video Testimonial Production

Having produced hundreds of remotely-recorded testimonials, we know how to create professional and effective videos testimonials for your business, and have combined it all into one affordable, fixed-price package.

Strategy & Planning

Maximize the effectiveness of your video testimonials.

Remote Video Capture

Remote recording session with a Live Director.

Video Editing & Review

Professional editing and multiple rounds of review.

Customer Coordination

We’ll handle all scheduling and coaching of your customers.

Video Gear Kits

We’ll ship your customers a tripod and lavaliere microphone.

Release Processing

We’ll work with your customers to secure talent releases.

We Make It Easy to Buy Video Testimonials for Your Business

The cost of video production continues to drop, making video marketing accessible to more businesses. However, the complexities of working with outside customers to create a video can make producing customer testimonial videos expensive, with hidden production costs and delays.

Fixed-priced Remote Directed Video Testimonial packages are all-inclusive, with no hidden costs, so you get the exact number of videos you ordered, at the price you were quoted.

We’ve refined the video testimonial production process to make it as fast and convenient as possible, without sacrificing production quality.