Remotely-Recorded Event Videos

Creating videos for your event and adding sponsor and exhibitor value is now safe, fast and affordable with Remote Directed Video (RDV).

As everyone moves their conferences and events online, revenue streams from exhibitors and sponsorships are at serious risk.

Video is a valuable marketing asset that can be very impactful for you, your sponsors and exhibitors, and with Remoted Directed Video creating high-impact videos for your event is easier than ever.

Why Use Remote Video as a Benefit for Sponsors and Exhibitors?

The COVID crisis has wiped out many of the traditional ways event organizers have offered value to sponsors and exhibitors at their events.

Those revenue streams traditionally depended on exhibit space, food and beverage events, conference bags and lanyards, and other opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors to promote themselves. Most of those opportunities don’t exist in the virtual conference world.

Remote video capture offers a safe and easy way to demonstrate alignment between you and your sponsors and exhibitors, and create content that helps promote them and your event at the same time.

Restore Event Value

Remote Directed Video is an easy and affordable option for providing exhibitors and sponsors with professional-grade video that they can use before, during, and after your conference to promote their products and services, and cement their affiliation with you.

When used as part of an overall marketing medium for events, video can restore event revenue streams, and be very impactful for you and your sponsors and exhibitors. At the end of the day, each exhibitor or sponsor receives a video asset that is actually valuable to them.

Safe, Fast and Affordable

The RDV event video service is designed to be safe, fast, and affordable.

With remote video capture, there are no film crews, no travel costs, no set-up or tear-down costs and very little overhead – making it easy to restore value for sponsors and exhibitors.

Every element of the service is touch-free. Sponsor and exhibitor coordination, shooting, editing, and reviewing are all done online, so there is no risk of exposure at any point in the process, and is convenient for your sponsors and exhibitors as well.

From a Real Remote Directed Video User

 Our partners were very pleased with the videos. Thoughtcast Media was super easy to work with, and the whole process had little impact on staff resources. We definitely plan to work with them again.

– Dan Melesurgo, VP, Strategic Partnerships, American Society of Association Executives

Example of Remote Directed Sponsor and Exhibitor Video


Event Video Production Made Safe and Easy

Coordination and Coaching

We make it easy for sponsors/exhibitors to schedule a recording session, where they’ll be directed to deliver the pre-specified messaging, so that the submitted videos are identical in form, length, and quality.

Totally Turnkey Process

We’ll help you organize the campaign, establish standards, coordinate with sponsors/exhibitors, and produce valuable video assets that are valuable to everyone involved, so you can concentrate on your event.

All They Need is an iPhone or Webcam

We provide your sponsors/exhibitors with a video gear kit, they provide the iPhone or webcam, and we do the rest. Our process makes it easy for them to produce a valuable video asset that promotes themselves and your event.

How Remote Directed Event Videos Work

The videos will be produced centrally to ensure that they meet your requirements for duration, production values, messaging guidelines, and delivery date. All the work required to schedule, prepare, and shoot the videos is taken care of by Thoughtcast Media, so there is almost no impact on your busy staff.

The finished videos will be distributed by your organization, as well as by the sponsors and exhibitors participating in the program, thereby exponentially extending the reach of your promotions.

Program Development
Work with an events and video marketing expert to develop a program that delivers incredible value to your sponsors and exhibitors, including: establishing messaging and standards, logistics, and production.
Sponsor Coordination
Introduce us to the sponsors and/or exhibitors you'd like to participate in the program, and we'll take it from there. We’ll arrange equipment shipments, work out the technical details, prepare them to deliver the appropriate messaging, and schedule their recording sessions.
Remote Video Capture
Your sponsor/exhibitor logs in via iPhone App or web browser and connects with a video director. The director gains temporary control of their camera, and coaches them through their delivery. Footage is then securely uploaded to our private cloud at its original resolution for editing.
Video Editing & Revisions
Our editors take the footage and produce a rough cut with content editing, color and audio correction, and the basic design elements you requested (logo sequences, calls-to-action, names and titles, etc.). A rough cut of the video will be uploaded to our video collaboration platform, where you'll be able to review the video and request specific changes (two additional rounds of edits included) before you download the final, polished video.

The Best Way To Add Value for Sponsors and Exhibitors with Video

Having produced hundreds of remotely recorded videos for our customers, we’ve assembled the necessary components of a high-value sponsor/exhibitor benefit program into a turnkey package.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. Schedule a consultation to customize a package that’s right for you or learn more about our features and add-ons here.

Program Development

Work with an events expert to develop a high-value program.

Subject Coordination

We handle scheduling and coaching of your sponsors/exhibitors.

RDV Gear Kits

We’ll ship your customers a tripod and lavaliere microphone.

Release Management

We’ll work with sponsors/exhibitors to secure talent releases.

Social Media Optimization

Get another version of your videos in a social-optimized format.

Captions and Transcripts

Get captions and transcripts for accessibility, SEO and social media.

Get Results for Your Business with Video

We've produced hundreds of videos for businesses all over the world. Learn how you can get results for your business by scheduling a consultation with our video experts.