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Remotely Recording Testimonial Videos for Use in Sales and Marketing

Impexium is a big believer in testimonial videos. Watch as Patrick Dorsey, Impexium’s EVP of Marketing, discusses how he uses testimonial videos for all points of the customer journey to drive revenue and engagement.

Remote Video Testimonial Production

A safe, fast and affordable way to create real, professional customer testimonial videos. We make getting testimonial videos convenient, for both you and your customers.

Testimonials provide social proof that makes it easy for businesses to build trust with prospects and close more sales, and video multiples these effects by connecting with the viewer on deeper levels.

Impexium uses video testimonials extensively and with great success, both in marketing campaigns and 1-to-1 sales communications.

Over the years, Impexium has built up a vast library of video testimonials, that gives their sales and marketing staff something to use in every situation.

There’s nothing better than that peer-to-peer endorsement from one of our clients to one of our prospects […] Working with Thoughtcast Media, the ability to capture that, has just been wonderful.”

How They Use Remote Directed Video (RDV) to Get Testimonials from Customers

“Our client testimonials and customer success stories have always been an important part of our marketing campaigns. And when COVID hit, we were forced to look at how we produce that content from a new angle. Having access to the remote videos that Thoughtcast Media provides really allowed us to continue building that content but in a safe way.

Prior to COVID-19, Impexium worked with Thoughtcast Media to produce video testimonials “on-location” with many of their customers, but due to social distancing precautions, Patrick had to explore other options.

Impexium ultimately chose Remote Directed Video because, in addition to being contactless, they could continue to get the high-quality videos they were accustomed to, but now they would be much more affordable to produce, and even more convenient for their customers.

They could have used cheaper, standalone video testimonial collection software, but didn’t want to leave their valued customers to their own devices to figure out how to tell their stories on camera.

RDV adds a personal touch, with a remote director that helps customers feel comfortable and confident on camera. By asking the right questions, a remote director elicits answers that can later be edited into an effective video.

Impexium is then easily able to leave feedback on rough edits of their videos, to make sure they’re going to be as useful to them as possible. Shortly after, they receive the final, polished videos and their sales and marketing staff start putting them to work.

Sample Customer Testimonial Videos from this project

We Make it Easy for Them to Create Testimonial Videos

Impexium is now able to expand their growing library of customer success stories, but with benefits and advantages over traditional, in-person video productions:

  • RDV is Safe – Create high-quality videos testimonials, but from anywhere in the world, without having to come in contact with anyone.
  • RDV is Fast – Remote recording sessions take just 30-60 minutes, with guidance from a video director, and are turned into finished videos in as little as 7 days later.
  • RDV is Affordable – Without the need for film crews or pro-grade equipment, roughly 6 videos can be created for the price of one in-person production.

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