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Technology companies can use these videos to attract, close and delight customers.

Technology companies have some unique challenges that can be addressed very cost effectively by Remote Directed Video (RDV). With RDV, you can respond quickly to move customers through their journey of discovery, resulting in bigger and faster sales with fewer abandoned customer journeys.

The following video solutions are useful in addressing some of the challenges faced by technology companies as they work to attract, close, and continue to delight customers.

The ideal video production solution for the fast-paced technology market

Our Remote Directed Video solution turns traditional video production on its head, allowing technology companies to respond immediately to market changes, product developments, customer feedback, and pressing support issues.

Thought leader videos are very discoverable marketing assets that give prospect their first taste of what your company is all about. They feature a subject matter expert explaining how state-of-the-art technology solutions can solve customer problems most effectively and help position companies as leading providers of those solutions. They’re a great way for tech companies to stay in front of customers between releases.

RDV makes it possible to record multiple subject matter experts – quickly and conveniently and no matter where they live and work – without having to send expensive crews and equipment to their location.

Imagine serving up two, three, five, or more of your experts weighing in regularly on a wide variety of industry best practices, challenges, and opportunities that affect your customer base. With RDV, you can shoot ten or more videos in a single day and have them edited within a week after shooting.

Recording Thought Leader Video on Smartphone

“I can tell Thoughtcast Media what I need out of a video, and they can get subject matter experts, customers, and thought leaders to say the things that correlate with that message.”

Jacob Fabbri, Chief Marketing Officer, Fonteva

Technology Thought Leadership Video Example

Dennison Associates Logo

This association technology consulting firm created videos to address common questions they receive, from both prospects and existing clients, to reach new audiences and establish themselves as a trusted source of information.

A good product video won’t take the place of a full demo, but it should serve to capture customers’ interests, highlight distinguishing characteristics, and bring solutions to life by demonstrating how a product actually works to meet one or more challenges.

The RDV solution utilizes synchronous screen capture and live-action video capture to create videos that position your product effectively within a competitive landscape and make your product stand out from the crowd.

Your videos can be enhanced with b-roll footage, charts and graphs, as well as a soundtrack that will set the tone for your video. Thoughtcast Media can collaborate with you to write a script or simply record and edit at your direction.

Person Using Computer Software

It’s important for technology companies to provide social proof to the marketplace to demonstrate that their products work as advertised and meet customer needs. Customer testimonial videos are bottom-of-funnel assets that can be very effective at getting customers over that last hurdle before purchasing.

Thoughtcast Media follows a proven methodology for creating customer testimonials that sell. Remote Directed Video is a professionally directed solution that is especially well suited to getting great performances out of customers with little or no video experience.

Perhaps best of all, Thoughtcast Media provides the services necessary to contact your customers and prepare them for their video shoots, making the customer testimonial process as easy as possible for our clients.

RDV Live Director

Technology Testimonial Video Example

Crows Nest Software Logo

“[RDV Testimonials] are effective in building credibility and I’m very pleased with the finished product.”

Norm Fink
Crows Nest Software

Once your customers have signed on the bottom line, it’s important to drive adoption and support them in using products to their fullest potential. Training and support videos circumvent less-desirable written documentation to show customers how to use products and solve support issues.

The RDV solution is very cost-effective and convenient for producing small, medium, or large collections of training and support videos. Much like product videos, our solution relies on a combination of synchronous screen and live-action video capture to produce high-quality and engaging training and support video collections.

Because everything is remote, we can easily keep up with documentation and customer support solutions as they evolve.


Why Should Tech Companies Create Videos with RDV?

Remote Directed Video combines cutting-edge remote video capture technology, Live Directors, and professional video editing to makes it convenient and cost-effective to quickly respond to market demands. Learn more about  Remote Directed Video.

Produced by Marketers

As experienced marketers, we’ll align the videos we create for you with your business objectives and viewing audience to produce videos that engage, inspire action, and get results.

Safe Without Sacrifice

RDV is recorded remotely and totally safe. With a Live Director and cutting-edge remote capture technology, you don’t have to sacrifice the production or content of your marketing videos.

Fast and Convenient

RDV is a fully turnkey solution, minimizing the impact on staff resources, and making it easy to create multiple audience-ready marketing videos, in as little as 7 days from time of recording.

Exceptional Video

Video is uploaded in its original resolution (up to 4K) and a video expert will remotely “set up the shot” to ensure professional, visually-appealing video.

Professional Direction

A Remote Director communicates with the subject throughout the recording session to ensure the appropriate messaging is delivered and that they look great doing it.

Affordable and Flexible

RDV pricing is 100% transparent, and is available in affordable fixed-price packages, with options to customize your project exactly to your needs and budget.

RDV Makes it Easy for Tech Companies to Create Videos that Get Results

Whether you’re a vendor of an enterprise networking software or desktop applications, a developer of web or mobile apps, a hardware manufacturer or technology consultant, RDV is an effective way to attract, close and support customers:

  • RDV is Safe – Create high-quality videos, comparable to on-location productions, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • RDV is Fast – With guidance from a video director, recording a video is easy, and they and are turned into finished videos in as little as 7 days.
  • RDV is Affordable – Without the need for film crews or pro-grade equipment, 5+ videos can be created for the price of one on-location production.

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