What is the Video-Powered Customer Experience (VX)?

What is the video-powered customer experience or "VX"? Find out in today's video!

What is VX?

Learn about the video-powered experience and the importance of connecting with customers on a personal level, and why video is such a powerful tool for doing so, especially in customer service applications.

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Video Transcript

Marketers are beginning to refer to something called the video powered experience, or VX. Never mind the fact that VX also refers to a nerve agent that can kill you dead.

The video powered experience also VX takes advantage of video’s unique ability to convey empathy and emotional intelligence at a personal level. VX, not the nerve agent, is especially effective at customer service applications like customer onboarding videos and videos explaining pricing and other customer account changes.

If you’re not building empathy and emotional intelligence with videos like that you’re missing a real opportunity.

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