Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Videos

Here's what you need to know about behind-the-scenes videos and how to use them to get marketing results for your business.

What is a Behind-the-Scenes Video?

Behind-the-scenes videos show and discuss what happens beyond the surface level of your business and the work you do. Using this style of video gives viewers an understanding of what takes place at your business or company so that they can establish a connection to your products and/or services.

Usually, these contain visual evidence about how individuals interact and work together to create a final product, and give potential customers and clients a better understanding of what exactly you are known for and what you pride yourself on.

Behind-the-Scenes Video Example

“Behind The Scenes At QVC.” YouTube, uploaded by Business Insider, 23 July 2017

Fast Fact About Behind-the-Scenes Videos

87% of people would prefer to watch online if it meant more behind-the-scenes content than a standard TV broadcast.


Why Do Businesses Use Behind-the-Scenes Videos?

A behind-the-scenes video will allow your audience to benefit from having a perception of what happens throughout the creation or execution of a project, product, or service.

Behind-the-scenes video can be entertaining to a broad audience, even if viewers don’t have an immediate need for your solution. So, they can be quite effective at attracting an audience at the top of the marketing funnel, while making them aware of your solution, and the work and passion that goes into it. However, they’re also effective further into the buying cycle, where prospects are assessing whether or not they want to do business with your company or organization.

How to get Marketing Results with Behind-the-Scenes Videos

What is added to a behind-the-scenes video depends on what you want the audience to know or learn. It is the perfect opportunity to share ideas, concepts, and values that might not be seen in great detail in your standard marketing materials and on your website.

Behind-the-scenes videos can be styled to give viewers more insight into what goes on before, during, and after the camera is rolling, while giving them the opportunity to become aware of specific marketable qualities of your products or services.

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