Product Demo Videos

Here's what you need to know about product demo videos and how to use product videos to get marketing results for your business.

What is a Product Demo Video?

Talking about a product to people can be difficult. However, with a visual aid like a video, a potential customer can better understand what your product looks like in action, how it performs, and its features and benefits. Product demonstration videos are beneficial to any business that is looking for a way to show off a product to their audience in a quick and efficient fashion.

Typically, product demo videos are short in length, so that customers will not go through an information overload. What is seen in these types of videos is usually pretty simple when it comes to a “story arc”. A demonstration of a product usually includes a voice-over, text, or a physical person showing off a product. This can show off how a product works (its features and how it’s made) and possibly include a short testimony of how well the product worked.

Example of a Product Demo Video

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Fast Fact About Product Videos

4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.


Why Do Businesses Use Product Demo Videos?

Viewers tend to watch these kinds of videos because they help them understand the finer details of your product and provide answers to specific questions they have about your product, so they feel comfortable making a purchasing decision.

Instead of having to do a large amount of research, trial and error, or to contact sales or customer support, they can get most of their information from a short video instead.

Continually educating prospects about your product, how it works, and its benefits is extremely important for businesses to grow, whether B2B or B2C, and video is one of the most efficient, engaging and entertaining ways to do so.

How to Use Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos are effective marketing asset for both consumer and business products. However, companies as a whole can benefit from product videos, because they can be used in many other business contexts, from customer onboarding to investor pitch meetings to sales.

When selling physical products (ecommerce for example), product demo videos can be placed alongside product photos and other images, to encourage more engagement with your product and a better understanding of its features and benefits.

For digital products, from digital downloads to enterprise software and everything in between, product demo videos can bring your product to life, and sell the value it will add to customers in a very tangible way.

Give your product the power to grab the attention of your target audience, and stand out from your competitors, by using product videos in your video ad campaigns, on YouTube and social media.

Product videos are, of course, also very effective in many places on your website, providing potential customer with a more engaging way to learn about your product.

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