Using Video in Digital Marketing

Take an in-depth look at using video to achieve marketing results at all stages of the customer journey, to build awareness, educate your audience and drive new business.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why marketers can’t ignore the role of video
  • 5 strategies for using video to boost your marketing campaigns
  • When and how to use video throughout your marketing funnel to maximize it’s impact
  • The five must-haves for more effective video content
Paul Gannon, Thoughtcast Media Photo

Paul Gannon
CEO, Thoughtcast Media

Why use video for marketing?

Video can be used in many marketing contexts including content marketing, advertising, email, social media, and many others. Video can also be used to achieve all kinds of marketing goals all over the marketing funnel (or flywheel, if you prefer). Whether you’re just starting to drum up an audience for your product or service, are educating and nurturing prospects, or are driving hard for conversions and sales, video is a great solution.

People are consuming more content than ever before and video gives your message an opportunity to stand out from the competition. With a proper video marketing strategy, video can have a massive impact on your most important KPIs.