16 Powerful Types of Marketing Videos & When to Use Them

Use video throughout your marketing and sales funnel — from awareness to sale, and beyond — to supply your business with a steady stream of fresh leads, who are ready to buy.


What's Inside

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Maximize the value of video content in your overall marketing mix

Use video to solve specific sales & marketing challenges; like driving traffic and qualifying leads

Video ideas for the top, bottom, middle, and evangelist stages of the marketing funnel

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Who It's For

16 Powerful Types of Marketing Videos & When to Use Them is for those than understand that the right content (at the right time) can quickly advance prospects through the buying cycle, but want the extra oompf that video content can deliver.

This guide will show you where different types of marketing videos are most effective at different stages of the funnel, so you can maximize the impact and ROI of every video.

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