Thought Leadership Content: The Best Bang for Your Video Marketing Buck


Thought leadership is often thought of as a hybrid between content marketing and public relations, and while there is some overlap, thought leadership marketing is a discipline unto itself.

Thought leadership marketing is similar to PR in that it positions your thought leaders or brand as experts in your field. And, like content marketing, thought leadership marketing involves creating value for your target audience with engaging content.

A thought leadership campaign aims to engage your audience on a regular basis, and through multiple channels, to establish more meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.


What is Thought Leadership Marketing?

Thought leadership marketing positions your company as an authority in your industry.

People want to know and do business with people that see the big picture, are innovative, and know where the market and industry are headed.

A successful thought leadership marketing campaign will answer the big questions affecting your industry, while conveying these values to your prospects, so when the time comes to purchase a product or service like yours, you are the first company they think of.

More on thought leadership and marketing here.

Benefits of Thought Leadership Marketing

  • Thought Leadership Proves Your Expertise
    If you started a business, then you’re an expert at something, but you still need to prove it. A large collection of engaging thought leadership content will remove any shred of doubt, as you show time and time again that you understand your customers’ problems and how to fix them.
  • Thought Leadership Positions Your Brand as an Innovator
    Before a business makes a major investment in your product or service, they want to know you can serve them now, and well into the future. As they grow, and the market evolves, a thought leadership position assures prospects that you’ll be able to keep up with them. Or better yet, inspire faster growth.
  • Thought Leadership Creates More PR Opportunities
    Holding a thought leadership position makes you more desirable to journalists, bloggers, and other influencers, as your own influence and name recognition grows.
  • Thought Leadership Creates Greater Collaboration Opportunities
    Influence is the currency thought leaders deal in. The more influence you carry, the bigger the names will be that come out of the woodwork and approach you to collaborate on content. This can snowball into a massive following in relatively short order.
  • With a Top Thought Leadership Position, Sales Come Naturally
    If you’re able to sustain regular engagement of your audience with high quality content, you’ll eventually become the company everyone wants to work with. Even if they know little about what you have to offer, they do know and trust your thought leaders, and anything your thought leaders put their names on must be good. Through a sustained relationship, prospects come to adopt your values and way of doing things, and when it comes time to pick a solution, your solution “magically” checks all the boxes.

Creating thought leadership video content doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Remote Directed Video makes it easy to use a smartphone, along with the assistance of a video marketing expert director, to record thought leadership videos with your subject matter experts, in under 30 minutes.

Nestled deep among the stunning array of video content options now available to the digital marketer, there lays the thought leadership video.

Compared with other types of video content, the thought leader interview can appear to be rather simple. Sometimes referred to derisively as a “talking head” video, the thought leader interview lacks the flashy production values of the typical corporate video.

But what it lacks in flash, it makes up for in substance.

Your target customers – the ones making the buying decisions – are looking for companies and leadership who see the big picture, and can help drive their business forward.

The thought leadership video makes that statement, loud and clear, especially when compared to written content.

The thought leader interview provides viewers with interesting perspectives on ideas, clearly and succinctly, that they can’t find anywhere else.

The thought leadership interview video is a pretty straightforward creature. It typically features a single subject matter expert sharing his or her perspective on an issue of interest to the target audience.

The origins of the thought leader video may be found in interview formats developed during the early days of television, and its structure hasn’t changed much since then, nor has its power.

Thought leadership content in video format delivers the best bang for your buck

That’s not to say that flashy brand videos don’t work to build emotional attachments to brands. They can, and often do just that.

But, when it comes branding, awareness, and driving targeted traffic back to your website, few video formats beat the thought leader interview format.

If the aim of content marketing is to provide answers to the questions either implicit or explicit in online searches, thought leader videos really fit the bill. Videos that achieve this will convert better than videos that don’t.

Check out this video, starring Patrick Dorsey of Impexium:

Notice how Patrick offers his unique insight into where the association market is headed, without ever mentioning his company name!

Despite having every opportunity to inject a shameless plug, Patrick stuck to talking about the big trends affecting his industry, and we’ve since heard that this video is performing fantastically for Patrick and his marketing team.

Perhaps the very best reason to make thought leader interview videos a regular part of your video marketing strategy is that they are one of the most affordable types of video to produce.

Because they are affordable, you can often create a series of videos for the same amount of money that you could easily spend to produce one glitzy corporate video.

Watch this webinar where we reveal our special technique for capturing a full year of thought leadership video content in a single day →

With quality video, lighting and sound, a good producer, working with a knowledgeable subject matter expert, should be able to record several videos worth of thought leadership videos in a single afternoon.

The ability to use these short videos in series, across a variety of different marketing campaigns, makes thought leader interviews the best bang for your video marketing buck.

Thought Leadership is All About Disseminating the Ideas that Make Your Brand Unique

Every business starts with a big idea.

Something unique that makes your company what it is, and different from every solution that came before it.

Your current customers may be familiar with what makes you unique, but you can bet that the majority of your target audience doesn’t really know what makes your company special – but they should!

Thought Leader Super Hero

Thought Leadership is All About Disseminating the Ideas that Make Your Brand Unique

Every business starts with a big idea.

Something unique that makes your company what it is, and different from every solution that came before it.

Your current customers may be familiar with what makes you unique, but you can bet that the majority of your target audience doesn’t really know what makes your company special – but they should!

The Right Content is Key to Securing a Top Thought Leadership Position

When it comes to thought leadership marketing, not just any content will do.

To be considered a thought leader in your industry, your content needs to be among the best your market has to offer – and it needs to be the best consistently.

All content should serve to inform your audience, but thought leadership content needs to take a 30,000 ft. view of the industry, and provide insights and analysis that nobody else can.

The content you create as part of a thought leader campaign needs to provide answers to the big questions that decision-makers in your target audience are asking.

In other words, a 500 word blog post from your marketing intern on The Top 10 Benefits of Widgets ain’t gonna cut it.

But Creating Thought Leadership Content Isn’t Easy

Creating this type of top-tier content is a tall order because the subject matter experts (SMEs) at your company, who can transform their big ideas into engaging content, are likely to be few and far between.

And those that are up for the challenge are likely to be among the highest payed employees at your organization, and diverting those resources can be costly.

While challenging, brands that are able to secure a thought leadership position have a lot to gain, as it’s very difficult for the competition to replicate.

On the flip side, you may find that your industry is already crowded with thought leaders, across a variety of disciplines, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

Finding a Unique Angle

Although people almost always want to hear from the CEO or founder of a company, there are likely SMEs embedded all throughout your organization.

If you find your market already crowded with thought leaders, dig deeper into your organization to find SMEs that exemplify your company culture, and can add perspective where your competition currently offers none.

Thought leadership campaigns typically focus on building the authority of one or two key players at your organization.

However, a thought leadership campaign can also be spread across a variety of SMEs across your organization, or over a series of campaigns, to create a synergistic thought leader effect for your brand as a whole.

Why Video Content is Perfect for Thought Leadership Marketing

Every brand competes on the battlefield of ideas, but it’s not the only way to compete for the top thought leader position in your industry.

As great as the idea behind your business is, ideas are a dime a dozen. In order to control the conversation as the predominant thought leader, you first need to grab people’s attention.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the affordability of video now offers an incredible opportunity to compete with the Big Brands, without having to match their insane advertising and PR budgets.

Video is Attention-Grabbing

For decades, the most popular format for conveying thought leadership has been the white paper. Since then, blogging, social media and, to a large degree, podcasting have supplanted this role.

The next frontier is, no doubt, video and the market has confirmed, with 72% of buyers saying they’d prefer video to text, when learning about a product or service.

In other words, video gives you an instant leg up on other brands that are still focusing all their attention on written content.

Video Establishes More Meaningful Relationships with Customers

One of the major reasons white papers and other forms of written content have been replaced in large part by video content, is that the written word often lacks the emotional connection that modern buyers are seeking.

Video makes it easier for people to get to know your thought leader, in addition to the thoughts themselves.

With video, you can see a thought leader’s passion for what they do, their body language, and authenticity, and things like that are hard to replicate with text.

Video is Nearly Infinitely Repurposeable

Video is such a rich form of content that, even as you strip away layers of it, it’s still really valuable content. This makes it easy to distribute your thoughts through an even greater number of channels.

A single 2-minute video can be repurposed with relative ease, into a variety of formats:

  • Cut into shorter teaser videos for use on any number of social platforms that accept video.
  • Screenshots from the video can be taken and used to promote the video the ones that don’t accept video.
  • Transform your video into a short podcast episode.
  • Order a transcript of your video, and publish it, along with the video, on your blog for added SEO influence.
  • Adapt the transcript into a series of blog posts.
  • Add another video to your collection, and offer them bundled together as part of a video mini-course.

Video Doesn’t Burden Your Thought Leaders’ Already Busy Schedules

You probably have people at your company that could fill a library with what they know.

That said, getting SMEs throughout your organization to participate in the content creation process can feel like pulling teeth.

Again, it’s not that they couldn’t write a thought-provoking white-paper or blogs post, but what are the chances they actually will write it?

Probably not good.

The potential thought leaders at your company are likely to be the busiest, as well as the highest paid, so having them spend a whole day writing a blog post isn’t ideal for anyone.

With video, however, you can completely disrupt this paradigm.

With the Remote Directed Video service you can capture subject matter experts on camera in just 30 minutes, and have it ready for your website, YouTube or your other favorite channels by the next week.

You still need quality video

With any luck, I’ve convinced you that videos featuring interviews with thought leaders are the way to go.

Rather than blowing your entire video budget on one “blockbuster” video, you’re now committed to creating a series of videos, around which you can build one or more marketing campaigns.

So, your next step is to borrow your neighbor’s video camera, put someone in front of it, and yell, “Action!” Right?


Old-Timey Video Camera

Your goal is to answer the questions people are searching for online, as completely and efficiently as possible.

To do that effectively, you must very clearly communicate those answers and not distract viewers with inferior production quality. Cheap video doesn’t get the job done.

More importantly, cheap video reflects poorly on you and your company.

So, how do you strike a balance between affordable and cheap? What are the minimal production values necessary to fulfill your mission?

As I said above, you need quality video, lighting and sound, and the web is bursting at the seams with tips to help you figure out how do all of that.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you assess you ability to produce video content on your own, based on your unique needs and brand standards.

However, if you’re looking to make video a regular component of your marketing mix, you may be better off hiring a qualified videographer to manage the production and post-production processes, freeing you to focus on the promotion of your video content.

Thought Leadership Requires Frequent Engagement of Your Audience

Publishing a few pieces of top-quality thought leadership content on your website every few months, that are good enough to be considered thought leadership content, is an ambitious goal, but it’s still not enough.

To really secure a position at the top of the thought leader pack, you need a formalized promotion or distribution strategy that focuses in on a few key marketing channels, where you target audience spends most of their time online.

That means you need fresh content on a regular basis, but it also needs to be more engaging than the other content you’d typically find on the channels you’re targeting.

Marketing channels typically used in a thought leader campaign include:

  • Publishing to your own websites
  • Social media marketing
  • YouTube & other video platforms
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Collaboration & influencer outreach

Not every marketing channel will make sense for every business. Find out where your target personas are spending their time online, and focus your attention there, where your content will receive the greatest engagement.

When you have your distribution channels, target audience, and content, aligned around a common goal, your thoughts and thought leaders will be better received, and your content is more likely to naturally spread to other valuable channels, outside of your primary targeting.

Leverage your strengths

As a content marketing professional, you’re more likely to add real value to the video production process by focusing on what you know best – content marketing.

  • Start with keyword research, to find out what people are searching for. Recruit the best subject matter experts to share their insights.
  • Work on your coaching and interview skills, to ensure that you’re gathering the very best content possible.
  • Finally, focus your attention on how to get the most out of your video series, leveraging all the marketing channels that make sense for your campaign.

Video content marketing is no different from other forms of content marketing. Follow all the best practices you’ve learned over the years and apply them to your video project.

Just remember, the goal of video marketing is to convert prospects to customers.

Professionally recorded thought leadership videos, deployed as series in support of marketing campaigns, are the most effective and affordable way to achieve that goal.

We’ve developed a completely turnkey thought leadership video marketing package, designed to provide you with a year-worth of thought leadership video content, and the supporting assets and strategy to ensure your message gets heard. Learn more here.

Video Alone is Not Enough

Although adopting a video-first thought leadership marketing strategy provides you with a major advantage over the competition, creating video content but failing to have a formal strategy in place is unlikely to garner the results you’re after.

Securing a top thought leadership position in your industry is as challenging as it is rewarding.

So, before you run off and pitch thought leadership marketing to your boss, make sure you define a formal strategy the shows what you plan to accomplish, and how you’re going to make it happen.