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Video Testimonial for Home Monitoring Device and Service

Ting is a discreet plug-in device that detects electrical hazards the could lead to electrical fires, helping protect families and homes.

Whisker Labs asked Thoughtcast Media to document stories of how their Ting product and service helped homeowners prevent electrical fires that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Each video in the series speaks to a different segment of their target audience, equipping Whisker Labs with a video testimonial for every situation.

  • Client: Ting, Whisker Labs
  • Category: Home Safety and Monitoring
  • Services: Video Testimonials

The Result

Whisker Labs received several video testimonials from Ting customers, recorded by an on-location crew in cities across the United States,

These testimonials provide prospects with real examples of how Ting has prevented fire hazards in their homes, and how that provides their customers with peace of mind that their home and families are safe.

Many of the testimonials are centered around real stories from subject matter experts, like insurance assessors and fire code inspectors, adding an authoritative perspective that helps persuade prospects.

What We Did

Story Development

Customer Coaching

On-Location Crew

Video Editing

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