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We make it easy to create high-quality social media videos at scale – quickly and cost-effectively.

Social media videos created with Remote Directed Video (RDV) are directed and produced by marketers that make the effectiveness of your social content our top priority.

With Remote Directed Video, it’s easy to create social media content like the videos below, that keep your audience engaged and drive results.

Directed Social Media Video Production

The process Thoughtcast Media follows is exceptional! From conception to execution, it all makes sense and results in marketing videos that really work for our firm.

Carl Sumter, Savor Strategies

Featured Social Media Video Project

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Mobile Application Customer Testimonial Video Optimized for Social Media

This company is changing how independent couriers deliver packages with their mobile app, and wanted to highlight some of the success stories of their customers. They commissioned several full-length remote video testimonials, along with social-optimized versions of their videos for organic engagement and social ad campaigns.

More Social Media Videos Created with Remote Directed Video

Social Media Influencer Video Content

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Consumer Skin Product Testimonial Social Media Ad


Social Media Promotional Event Video


We Make it Easy to Create Social Media Videos

With the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Remote Directed Video, it’s never been easier to make social video that look this good for so little:

  • RDV is Safe – Create high-quality social videos, with subjects around the world, with no in-person contact.
  • RDV is Fast – Remote recording sessions take just 30-60 minutes, with guidance from a Live Director, and are turned into finished videos in as little as 7 days later.
  • RDV is Affordable – Without the need for film crews or pro-grade equipment, you can create several social videos for the price of one on-location production.

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