Remote Social Media Video Production Services

Professional social media videos with help from remote directors and video experts.

Increase your social media video content production, improve consistency, and take your production quality to the next level, to enhance engagement and get marketing results for your business on social media – with Remote Directed Video.

Our team of marketers, directors and editors, combined with our pro-grade remote video capture technology make it quick, easy and cost-effective to produce high-impact social media videos.

How RDV for Social Media Works

1. Schedule a Recording Session

The subject of the social media video picks a convenient time for their recording session using our convenient scheduling tool.

2. Connect with a Live Director

Connect remotely with a director via mobile device or webcam, who helps your subject look and feel their best when recording the social video.

3. Your Social Video is Edited

Your social media content is edited and uploaded to our video collaboration platform within 5 business days, where you can request edits.

Remote Directed Video Capture App

“The process Thoughtcast Media follows is exceptional! From conception to execution, it all makes sense and results in marketing videos that really work for our firm.

Carl Sumter, Managing Partner, Savor Strategies

Remote Directed Video takes the cost and complexity out of social media video production.
Learn how we produce professional and effective social media content for your business – conveniently and cost-effectively.

Create These Social Media Videos and more with Remote DIrected Video Production

Video Ads
Social Media

Give your social media ads and retargeting ads a personal touch – with video.

Customer Success Story Videos

Make your customers your #1 advocates with testimonials for social media.

Thought Leadership Videos

Share your expertise and become an influencer in your industry on social media.

Social Event Videos

Drive attendance, excitement and foot traffic for your next event.

Corporate Brand Videos

Share your mission and values with prospects and customers on social.

How-To Videos for Social

Teach your social audience something new and valuable with video.

Speak with a video expert

Get in touch with a video expert to discuss your video project, and design a remote video production package that fits your needs and budget.

RDV is a Trusted Solution for These Brands

American College of Radiology
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Remote Social Media Video Production Made Convenient and Cost-Effective

Professional Social Media Videos with Just a mobile device or webcam

Record professional and engaging social video content in just 30 minutes, with a mobile device or webcam, and help from our directors, editors and video experts – and receive an edited video in as little as 5 days.

Learn more about how RDV works and why it’s superior to other remote video production methods.

Social Media Video Production Packages

Pay only for what you need, with fixed-price social video production packages that strip out all the costs of video production that don’t directly add to the effectiveness of your videos.

Learn about our simple remote video production pricing.

Save Now and Produce Your Video Content Over the Next Year

You can save more when you create more with Remote Directed Video, and you can always be ready to jump on opportunities to enhance your social media marketing campaigns with video!

Contact us to get started on some social videos for you today, and take up to a full 12 year to produce the rest.

Social Media Video Production Pricing

Remote Directed Video fixed-price packages make it simples and cost-effective to buy social video production services for your business. Our 100% transparent pricing makes it easy to budget for the social video content you need, and not overspend on campaigns.

Schedule a free consultation and receive a video production plan that meets your needs and budget.

Social Video Production Services That Get Marketing Results

Boost Reach and Engagement

There are many businesses competing for the limited attention of people on social media. Get videos optimized for each specific social media platform you publish on to maximize reach and engagement.

Social Videos That Convert

Beyond using social media videos to grow your audience, we’re a social video production agency that can help you use video to get people to take the next step to becoming a customer.

Videos Optimized for Social

Your social media videos can be optimized to perform on specific platforms, with content that engages audiences and satisfies social algorithms to maximize reach.

  • Facebook; Feed; Stories
  • Instagram; Feed, Stories, Reels
  • Tiktok
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube\YouTube Shorts

Social Marketing Strategy

Use video to amplify your marketing results across every stage of the marketing funnel, from building awareness to generating leads, closing sales and so much more.

  • News & Announcement Videos
  • Thought Leadership Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Product Videos & Promotions
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Social Video Ads

We Make It Easy to Buy Social Video Production Services

While video marketing becomes more accessible to more businesses due to dropping costs and more authentic videos on social, the complexities of working with remote teams and outside subjects can make producing social media videos expensive, with hidden production costs and delays.

Fixed-priced Remote Directed Video packages are all-inclusive, with no hidden costs. Get the exact number of videos you ordered, at the price you were quoted, so you can get the video content you need, on time and on budget.

We’ve streamlined the social video production process to make it quick, convenient and cost-effective – without sacrificing production quality or the videos’ ability to get results on social media.