What’s the Difference Between Video Production Services and Video Marketing Services?

If you’re interested in using video to fuel your content marketing initiative, or as a tool to empower your salespeople, you’ve probably asked yourself whether you should be looking for video marketing services, or video production services.

There are a few pretty big differences between video marketing services and video production services that you need to know about before you’re informed enough to make that decision.

In this article, we’ll give you a few reference points that will help you make an informed decision, when choosing between hiring a video marketing agency or a video production company.

The video production and marketing services you need to make your project successful will be determined by what you hope to accomplish.

Before Buying Marketing Video Production Services…

Make sure you have a rough strategy in place, so you can effectively communicate your needs to whatever video agency you hire. Check out these resources for assistance:

Video marketing is an investment. Treat it like one.

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Video Production Services

Companies that offer video production services, in a nutshell, will help you shoot and edit videos. These can range from your mom-and-pop style wedding video shop to much larger operations which are meant for helping major corporations create their videos.

Most video production companies offer services like:

  • Camera operation
  • Set creation
  • Scripting
  • Editing

If you hire a video production company, you’ll be able to make use of their directing, technical expertise with a camera, and experience with video editing to produce a high quality video from raw footage.

Not all video production services have the same focus, though. If you hire a video production company, they are typically only focused on making a video, that they will then hand off to you, and aren’t necessarily focused on the results that a marketing video can deliver.

Video Marketing Agencies

Video Marketing Agency

Video marketing services are a bit more involved than video production services. A video marketing agency will still help you shoot and edit videos, but you’ll also get the added value of having someone to help you market your videos, and make sure they get the results you need to grow your business.

Marketing your videos can include everything from incorporating them in a social media campaign to personalized video messages delivered by email.

While the scope of video marketing agencies can vary, in general, they’re a much better choice for growing your business than a video production company.

What Does a Video Marketing Agency Do?

As any video marketer will tell you, the best way to communicate your message is by showing it, rather than blandly stating it. A lot of a video marketing agency’s value is in the services it provides after your video is done being shot and produced—but it includes those elements too.

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You’ll find that video production companies don’t quite go the distance that a full-fledged video marketing agency does. Video marketing agencies help you produce videos, that it then uses to promote your company and close deals.

With a video marketing agency, you’re not left to figure out how to attract new customers with your completed videos like you might be with a video production company.

Beyond video capture and production, some of the video marketing services offered by a video marketing agency may include:

  • Assessment of your marketing funnel & sales pipeline
  • Strategic planning
  • Creation of collateral (banner ads, landing pages, emails, etc.)
  • Roll out and promotion of new content
  • Campaign analysis & reporting

Picking the Right Video Content Production Service