Video Testimonial Service

Our fixed-price video testimonial service takes the guesswork out of buying video testimonials.

A Fixed-Price Video Testimonial Service

Passion sells, and nothing captures your customers’ passion for your products, services, or brand like video testimonials. Our fixed-price video testimonial package was designed to capture that passion – without breaking the bank.

The production of all video testimonials happens on-site. This way we can coach your customer through the process, and capture the highest quality video, for video testimonials that not only look great, but also tell a compelling story – and that’s what gets results.

Why Customer Testimonial Videos Work

Capture Customer Passion

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s tool belt, and video takes it to the next level by capturing your customers’ passion for what you do, more authentically than any other medium can.

Bottom of Funnel Lead Nurturing

Customer testimonials demonstrate the true value you bring to your customers’ lives, and establish the trust  your prospects require to make a buying decision at the bottom of the funnel.

Everyone Wins

A video testimonial should be something both you and your customer are proud of. Marketers, salespeople, the C-suite, and boards of directors love them too – because they get results and make everyone look good!

Thoughtcast Media provides the strategy, customer, and campaign support you need to make your customer testimonial videos work in the real world, all in a fixed-price, all-inclusive package designed to help you achieve maximum return on your investment.

Working with Thoughtcast has been turnkey.
Jake Fabbri

VP of Marketing, Fonteva

Included in the video testimonial package:


We help you develop a strategy for producing and promoting your video, for maximum, measurable return on investment. We then work with your customer to schedule and prepare them for the upcoming video shoot.


Our team travels to your customer’s location to shoot the video. A producer coaches your customer to deliver the best possible testimonial, while B-roll footage is captured to lend context to the finished production.


We add animation elements (e.g., opening and closing sequences, titles, transitions, calls to action, and other graphic elements) to reflect your brand. We’ll make up to two rounds of edits based on your feedback.


In addition to video production, we also provide strategic support, and several supporting marketing assets.

All these elements work together to ensure that your content is optimized for search engines to find and promote.

Video Testimonial Examples


Impexium is a leading provider of enterprise association management software (AMS) systems. They engaged Thoughtcast Media to produce a series of customer testimonial videos to highlight just how pleased their customers really are.


IntelliData helps associations make sense of their data, with powerful and practical business intelligence (BI) solutions. Thoughtcast Media assisted IntelliData in establishing a working reference program, including the development of testimonials.


Benel Solutions is a premier IT consulting firm with more than 20 year of experience in the association non-profit space. They took the opportunity to capture stories from multiple customers on video, in a single afternoon, while they were in town for a local trade show.

Video Testimonials
1 Feature Length Video Testimonial
1 Social-Optimized Video
Strategy Development
Customer Coaching & Preparation
On-site Crew & Interviewer
Animations, Call-to-Actions, and
Other Graphic Elements
Opening & Closing Sequences, Titles,
Transitions, B-roll, etc.
2 Rounds of Post-Production Edits
Landing Page Copy
Blog Post/Press Release
Transcripts & Captions
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*Our fixed-price solution makes adding customer testimonial videos to your marketing mix easy!

Video testimonials packages start at $2,500, but some circumstances may affect the final pricing.

Before we can provide you with a firm quote, we’ll first need to know a little more about your business and your objectives.

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