[VIDEO] Build Trust in Your Brand with Video (and 3 Video Examples)

Faith in our political and business institutions have been shaken, and even the strongest brands struggle to reassure customers that they can be trusted.

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Brands have traditionally relied on press releases and other written communications to build trust and drive home messaging.

Now, with video so readily accessible to businesses of all sizes, brands have the most powerful marketing trust-builder at their disposal.

Watch to learn more about video, and how you can use it to build trust in your brand, along with 3 use cases:



“Ask These 4 Questions Before You Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy” Video Transcript:

Let’s face it – we live in an increasingly distrustful world.

Faith in our political and business institutions has been shaken.

These days, even the strongest brands struggle to reassure customers that they can be trusted.

Disruption and uncertainty with a brand, to say nothing of major economic concerns, can be enough to spook customers and send them scurrying.

One great way to build trust is to use video to give your customers a more intimate view of your brand. Video is, by its very nature, revealing.

That’s because it’s so very rich in content.

When someone appears on video, the viewer not only consumes the intended message, but also absorbs information about how people are dressed, their tone of voice, their surroundings, and many other characteristics about the person and the company behind the message.

Compare that to the limited amount of information contained in your average news release.

By sharing more with your customers by giving them a different, unadorned experience of your brand, you create the sort of transparency that naturally builds trust.

So here are three different types of videos you might try as a way of building trust in your brand.

The next time there’s news to share, whether good or bad, consider a video news release.

Dressed as he or she would normally dress, have your CEO deliver the message in the most heartfelt way.

Be direct. Be sincere.

Another great way to build trust in your brand is with customer video testimonials.

Nothing builds trust faster than a customer speaking honestly and passionately about your company, products, and services.

Finally, consider social media as a way of building trust in your brand.

Video recorded live to any of the major social media platforms is typically unscripted and unadorned, and audiences expect nothing more, or less.

Casual comments and banter between hosts, perhaps shot somewhere in your offices that customers seldom see, provide rare insight into who and what your brand really is.

Allowing customers to see past the carefully prepared statements and slick presentations helps them better understand what they’re likely to experience when they do business with your company.

Video in its many guises is a cost-effective method for helping customers experience your brand in a different, more transparent way.

And removing that veil between you and your customers, even a little bit, can be a great way to build trust in a distrustful world, and nothing does that
as well as video.