Sample Video Marketing and Video Production RFP [FREE TEMPLATE]

Want to make video content a powerful and profitable part of your marketing strategy, as a way to build awareness, generate leads, and drive revenue?

Then you may have found that developing a video marketing strategy, creating video content, and managing the distribution and promotion of that content is more than you or your team can handle.

If that’s the case, a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a great way to find the best video marketing and/or production company for your needs.

You can use this sample RFP as a starting point for collecting proposals from multiple vendors for; the development of a video marketing strategy, production of multiple marketing videos, and the execution of a full-fledged video marketing campaign.

Before You Start Accepting Video Proposals…

Be sure you get at least a rough idea of what it will take to make your video project a success, what kind of company will best serve your needs, and how to vet potential video content providers:

Using This Sample Marketing RFP as a Template

When issuing an RFP, it’s important to be as clear as possible about the objective and scope of the project, so that you receive the best possible marketing proposals in return.

Use this sample RFP to:

  • Provide information about your company, so agencies can offer a solution that truly meets your needs.
  • Clearly define campaign goals and set expectations to receive more thorough, well-informed proposals.
  • Weed out marketing agencies and video production houses that aren’t able to deliver on all your requirements.

Outlined below is a sample request for proposal that can be used to solicit proposals from marketing agencies for a video-based content marketing campaign.

Sections 1 through 3.1 and 5, are to be filled out by you, to inform vendors.

Sections 4 through 4.12 contain prompts for what vendors should include in their proposals. Prompts should be adjusted by you to reflect what information you’ll need to make the best possible decision.

The outline below is designed to give you a general idea of what a video marketing and video production RFP should look like, but doesn’t paint a complete picture.

Download the video marketing RFP template for additional guidance, and more detailed descriptions for each section of the RFP.

Simply add your branding and company information, modify the project requirements to your needs, and you’ll be ready to send it out to vendors!

Sample Video Content Marketing RFP

1 – Project Summary

(Provide an overview of your company, project goals, project timeline, assets and services required.)

2 – Company Information

(Here you can offer a more holistic look at your current marketing situation, and how this project fits into your company’s broader business goals.)

  • About Company
  • Products and Services
  • Audience
  • Competitors
  • Other Marketing Initiatives
  • Marketing Capabilities Overview
  • Marketing Technology Stack

3 – Proposal Request

(In this section you’ll detail the specifications of the proposals you’d like to receive from vendors.)

3.1 – RFP Timetable and Milestones

(Outline the deadlines for all stage of the proposal process; from issuance of an RFP to the signing of a Statement of Work (SOW).)

4 – RFP Vendor Response

(Here, you’ll request the information you’d like vendors to include in their proposals. You can edit these to meet your own unique needs.)

4.1 – Vendor Company Overview

Provide a brief overview of your company.

4.2 – Vendor Capabilities and Relevant Experience

List the capabilities your company will bring to bear on this project. Discuss your company’s experience with projects like this.

(Here, experience with actual video marketing campaigns is best, but related experience can also work. Look for vendors who have experience on both sides of the video production/campaign marketing sides of the equation.)

4.3 – Strategy Development

Describe how you would facilitate the development of a strategy for this project. What strategic elements would you typically include, in a project of this nature and scope?

(Strategy is the most important component of any marketing campaign. You’ll want to see how much importance each vendor places on this phase of the project, and the scope of each vendor’s strategic thinking. How much into the details is each vendor willing to go?)

4.4 – Campaign Elements, Work Plan, and Timeline

What different elements would be included in the campaign? What content would be created, by whom? What activities would be executed, by whom? Please, provide a timeline for the development and delivery of each of the campaign elements you have defined.

(You’re looking for a fully-formed campaign approach that includes not only video content, but the marketing activities necessary to get that content in front of the right audiences, drive engagement, generate leads, and encourage conversions.)

4.5 – Video Production

Please, define the process you would follow to produce the necessary video content. What advantages and risks are inherent in your process? Please include your preliminary recommendations for the following:

  • Length of video
  • Shooting location(s)
  • Video style
  • Production values
  • On-camera talent
  • Resolution
  • Narration
  • Animated graphics

(Do your vendors understand video production, or are they planning to outsource this portion of the project? If the latter, how capable will they be in making sure that the video content and the promotional marketing elements of the campaign are in sync?)

4.6 – Marketing and Promotion Process

Please, define the process you would follow to produce the non-video marketing assets and activities necessary to the successful execution of this project.

(This is the other side of the video/marketing equation. How well equipped are your vendors for promoting the video assets that they produce, encouraging engagement, driving leads, and promoting conversions?)

4.7 – Marketing Stack Integration

Based on our Marketing Technology Stack description provided above, which of our technologies would you be leveraging to conduct this campaign? What additional technologies would you recommend we acquire?

(How well do your vendors know how to leverage your marketing stack to maximize lead generation and other campaign objectives? Are there any technologies that you lack that should be added to your marketing stack, to facilitate campaign success?)

4.8 – Project Management

How will you manage this project, to ensure that all activities are completed on time, on budget, and at defined quality levels?

(Do your vendors have the capacity to manage this project to completion? Will your project be spread across multiple project managers, or will it receive a named resource? What systems are in place for managing this process?)

4.9 – Subcontracting

Please, indicate which parts of the campaign, if any, you will be subcontracting to other companies.

(This will help you understand how much of the proposed work will be done in-house, and how much will be outsourced to other companies. What added risks, if any, will outsourcing create?)

4.10 – Measures and Metrics

How would you propose we measure the success of this project? Which metrics are most important? What’s the best way to measure return on investment? Where are our greatest successes likely to be found?

(As Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured gets managed.” How much thought have your vendors given to measuring the success of your campaign? What metrics are most valuable? Where are you likely to see the greatest gains?)

4.11 – Pricing and Costs

Based on the content and activities you are proposing for this campaign, please provide pricing for the work you will do. Also, please provide your estimate of any costs that are likely to accrue from other necessary vendors.

4.12 – Relevant Case Studies and Examples

Please, provide links to any case studies, or examples of your work that are relevant to this project.

5 – Submission Contact Information






Reminder: After downloading, be sure to modify the RFP template to meet the specific needs of your video marketing campaign, before distributing to vendors.

Not sure what type of video production company is right for your marketing project?