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Paul Gannon, CEO

“We want to help your business take advantage of video, by taking an honest look at where you are, what you want to achieve, and providing you with the best path to get there.”
– Paul Gannon, CEO

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  • A completed Video Marketing Scorecard.
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  • A detailed Video Marketing Action Plan for making video a profitable part of your marketing mix.

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Video Readiness Score

We’ll help you fill out your own Video Marketing Scorecard, covering five core areas of your business that are central to the success of any video marketing initiative.

  • Content – Do you have a content strategy in place and the ability to deliver?
  • Marketing – Do you have the marketing systems in place to put strategic video content to good use?
  • Video Marketing – Are you familiar with best practices for utilizing video?
  • Technology – Do you have the necessary technology in place to make it all work?
  • Corporate – Do you have the buy-in of key members of your organization to help support your efforts?

Put a Video Marketing Action Plan in Place

With what’s learned in the assessment of your video marketing readiness, we’ll help you develop a custom plan for achieving your marketing goals, within budget.

Schedule your free consultation and learn:

  • The best types of videos to help you reach your goals, and how many you’ll need
  • What level of production value will be required for your industry.
  • Whether it makes most sense to develop your in-house video marketing resources, hire outside help, or a strike a balance between the two… and more!

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