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Creating video content is a challenge in itself, but only half of the equation. Before jumping into production, we work with you to develop a video marketing strategy and production schedule, to ensure the videos we create for you help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Marketing Strategy
Paul Gannon, CEO

Paul Gannon
Founder, Thoughtcast Media

The transition to content marketing was a major one, and many companies and marketers failed to effectively make this shift, leaving a ton of money on the table.

Once again, a major shift is underway, and decision makers are demanding a more engaging, more easily consumed form of content – video.

The marketing principles haven’t changed, but the content production process, distribution channels, and promotion methods have grown more complex.

I’d like to invite you to schedule a free consultation with me, and learn how video can be incorporated into your marketing mix in a smart, sensible way.

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More Than Just Video Content

Video alone is not enough to secure business success. So, beyond video production, from marketing strategy development to content distribution, promotion, and all the other allied marketing disciplines that make video and other content work in the real world – Thoughtcast Media can help.