How to Hire a Testimonial Video Production Company

Dollar for dollar, nothing performs better at the bottom of the funnel, for building trust, converting customers and closing sales, like video testimonials.

For marketers and salespeople, finding a video production company to produce compelling and converting testimonials (that also fit your budget, do your brand justice, and enable you to develop new business), can be a confusing and time-consuming endeavor.

This guide is here to help and answer the biggest questions revolving around hiring a video production company for your business to produce testimonials.

What's inside the buying guide?

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Are video testimonials a novelty for you, something you might do once or twice? Or will video testimonials be part of a fully developed satisfaction program and reference strategy for improving your conversions and building relationships with customers and prospects?  

Where you fit on that spectrum will dictate which option is best for you.

This guide will walk you through the process of assessing your video marketing, video production and testimonials needs and abilities, so you can select the right kind of video production company for your business. With a video marketing content production strategy that fits your business and budget adding video testimonials to your marketing strategy is easy.

Download the free guide, and start harnessing the power of video!

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The Video Marketing Needs & Capabilities Self-Assessment is for marketers that want to add video to their marketing mix in the most efficient way possible, to help you reach your marketing objectives. 

If you know you need video content, but don't know how best to source it — this guide is for you!

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