Creating video content on a budget

For digital marketers, when the opportunity to use video arises, chances are you should take it.

Compared to other forms of content, video content is almost certain to drive bigger and better results, but most businesses aren't equipped to take advantage of video when those opportunities arise. 

Download the free guide and learn how to be prepared to produce video content on a budget, when given the opportunity.

This guide to fast and affordable video content production covers:

What's in this video production guide?

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This guide to producing video marketing content on a budget presents the case for video content, particularly shorter, simpler productions, that help you take advantage of the marketing benefits of video, without breaking your budget.

We'll lay out a framework for how you can consistently create video content that gets results.

Download the free guide, and start harnessing the power of video content, today! 

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Who It's For

The Video Marketing Needs & Capabilities Self-Assessment is for marketers that want to add video to their marketing mix in the most efficient way possible, to help you reach your marketing objectives. 

If you know you need video content, but don't know how best to source it — this guide is for you!

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Cover for How to Create Video Content Regularly and On Budget
  • How videos of all kinds can add massive value to your projects

  • Accounting for your video content needs

  • Why big video projects shouldn't get all the attention

  • Planning for video projects, large and small

  • The need for speed, and how to simplify the video production process

  • Developing an infrastructure for creating video content on the regular

  • Committing to and planning for video marketing content production

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Some of what's included:

How to create video marketing content on a regular basis

The advantages of creating more, shorter videos.

Planning for video projects, large and small

Building a marketing infrastructure to benefit from video whenever the opportunity arises. 

...and much more!