Why Most Video Testimonial Projects Fail

Like New Year resolutions, marketers approach video testimonial projects with good intentions. But, also like New Year resolutions, many video testimonial projects end up on the dust heap, like January’s gym membership.

What makes video testimonial projects fail?

At Thoughtcast Media, we hear the full spectrum of excuses, some good, some not. When we boil all of those excuses down, we’re left with four common categories.

I can’t get my customers to agree to participate.

In our experience, this is the number one reason that testimonial projects fail.

Let’s face it, not every one of your customers is satisfied enough to be willing to endorse your products and services. Whatever the reason, some customers just aren’t there.

You can alleviate much of this friction by establishing and publicizing a programmatic customer satisfaction program that helps customers understand their shared interest in supporting your efforts to secure more customers. Arguably, the more customers you have, the more money you can invest in product updates, qualified employees, and other efforts that make your existing customers happy.

Your satisfaction program should train customers to publicly endorse you. Start with small requests, like asking customers to promote your social media presence. For longer-term, more satisfied customers, you might ask them to field a reference call or two. Save testimonial requests for your most committed, satisfied customers.

My customers say they’ll participate, but then they don’t.

Many of our clients are surprised when customers who have already agreed to participate in a testimonial video, now want to squeeze you for additional consideration before sitting for their video.

Leaving aside those customers who are outright dissatisfied, many customers are waiting for the next version of your product, the next implementation, or the next closed service ticket before they’re willing to support you in public.

And many of them are willing to leverage those considerations in exchange for their participation in your testimonial project.

Waiting for Client
  • I’ll do a testimonial for you, if you can work that feature I want into your next release.
  • That last upgrade didn’t go well. Make the effort to smooth out that process for me, and I’ll do that testimonial you want.
  • I’ve got open service tickets I need you to address. Move my tickets to the front of the line, and I’ll do your testimonial video.

Sound familiar?

One solution is to outsource the customer coordination phase of the project to your video marketing partner. Get initial agreement to participate, and then turn it over to your video marketing partner.

At Thoughtcast Media, we expanded our service to include customer coordination so that we could produce more testimonial projects faster, with less burden for our clients.

We’ve found that our clients’ customers are much less likely to attempt bargaining with a third party. When we call, we’re just trying to schedule some time with them, to shoot a video. We’re not in a position to provide them with any consideration in exchange for their participation. As a result, our clients’ customers are more likely to go with the flow by taking the next step in a process that they’ve already agreed to.

It takes too much time/work to produce a quality testimonial video.

As marketing projects go, producing customer testimonial videos aren’t especially taxing. Compared to launching a new website, or pulling off a big conference, testimonial videos are a cake walk.

Still, they do require a certain amount of skill and effort, and all of that does take time.

Of course, the obvious solution is to outsource the process. Find a video marketing partner who can support you over time, understands what makes your company tick, and can turn your customers’ experiences into compelling stories that encourage prospects to buy.

But remember, you’ll be entrusting that partner with your company’s most valuable resource – your customers.

Find a partner who understands that, who will take the burden off of you and your customers, and who can consistently produce quality testimonial videos that really sell.

It costs too much to produce testimonial videos

We’ve already talked about the work and expertise that goes into producing quality video testimonials. That effort and expertise doesn’t come cheap, especially when you consider the sensitivities required to work successfully with your customers, and deliver quality video testimonials the first time, every time.

So, that leaves the question of value. Just how valuable are video testimonials to your sales process? Here are some things to consider:

  • Video testimonials provide social proof that your products and services work as advertised.
  • Customers at the bottom of your funnel want to alleviate risk. Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to assure prospective customers that they’re money will be well spent.
  • Video testimonials show prospects how your product works in the real world. Moving past all the marketing hype your salespeople are slinging around, video testimonials feature real people, talking about real challenges, and how your products and services really work.
  • The evidence supporting video’s ability to connect at a higher level with your prospects and customers is unassailable. Video works because it supports the very human processes of learning about, considering, and ultimately investing in solutions to challenges and opportunities.

The equation for evaluating the value of adding customer video testimonials to your marketing mix is straightforward.

Given the benefits outlined above, how many deals do you need to impact with video testimonials before they pay for themselves?

Video testimonials close deals (when done right). Find the right kind of production company to help tell your customer's story.

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What are your challenges?

We’ve just discussed the four most typical points of failure for video testimonial projects. What challenges are you facing?

Let us know where you’re struggling. We’ve seen and heard it all, and would be more than happy to share our experience with you and suggest possible solutions.