Killer Content: 3 Powerful Ways to Use Video Testimonials in Your Marketing

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we live in a post-truth world, and all those “alternative facts” are having a negative impact on brands.

Enter the video testimonial.

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate that all the nice things you say about your company are actually true, is to have someone else say them for you.

When a customer signs off on a testimonial, they’re putting their good name on the line for you.How To Use Testimonials

And, when a customer agrees to deliver their endorsement through video, they’re really going the extra mile to demonstrate not only their approval but, in many cases, their passion for what you do.

That’s why video testimonials are ranked as the most effective type of video content (51%), followed by tutorial videos (50%), and demo videos (49%). (Source: Ascend2)

A Good Customer Testimonial Starts with Strategy

A good testimonial video has everything you want in a video.

There’s typically a story to be had, some emotion (if you do it right), and a sense that you’re actually getting to the bottom of things.

Like all your written or video content, your testimonial videos will be most effective if there’s some strategy behind them.

Among other questions, a good strategy should answer the following:

We’ll leave the first four questions to past and future blog posts. The subject of this post will be the last question: where do these testimonials go?

How to Use Video Testimonials

Alongside Bottom-of-Funnel Content

Testimonial videos are bottom of funnel (BOFU) content.

That’s because the only people who typically bother watching video testimonials are people who are seriously considering making a purchase.

Why would a customer care about what other people think of a product, if they weren’t actually thinking of buying that same product?

But, once a customer does decide to purchase something, watching a video testimonials (or reading online reviews) suddenly becomes part of their due diligence, and customers will invest the time an attention required to feel good about their purchase.

(Because of this dynamic, we’ve had a lot of luck with longer testimonial videos for our clients, here at Thoughtcast Media, especially for more expensive technology purchases.)

To the bottom of the marketing funnel

So, where do your BOFU customers go on your website, prior to either actually buying something, or asking for pricing or additional information?

That’s where your video testimonials should go.

Video testimonials also work well on your “About Us” page, as a logical location for customers looking for them.

Be sure to provide links to them from form pages and other likely conversion locations.

(We recently added some actual testimonial video, not just links, directly to some key BOFU pages, and have been rewarded with the increased SEO value of those pages. Something to consider.)

Video Testimonials Make Great Sales Enablement Tools

Your salespeople know (or should know) who on their list is considering a purchase. Video testimonials can be just the thing those salespeople need to get a customer to move forward.

When prospects “go silent” on you, the temptation is to think that they’ve moved on to one of your competitors or have decided to go with the dreaded “no decision at all” option.

The truth is, they often stop returning your calls because, after days, weeks, or months of discovery, they’re finally ready to buy something. They’re now doing their due diligence, before getting out their check books.

Turning up sales
Video testimonials help reassure customers that the decision to go with your company is the right one. @gannonpaul Click To Tweet

A video testimonial is the most crucial type of content a customer at this stage of the buying process should see.

Video testimonials help reassure customers that the decision to go with your company is the right one.

Of course, not all customers are created equal.

A large company is less likely to be reassured by a video testimonial from a small company than they are from another large company.

Similarly, a customer in a particular market sector will want to see testimonials from your other customers in that same sector.

So, if you serve a diverse customer base, you’ll need one or more testimonials from a representative sampling of the customers you serve. One testimonial video just isn’t going to cut it.

Video Testimonials Can Work with Social Media, Too

Wait a minute! Didn’t you just say that testimonials are the perfect BOFU content?

Social media is typically considered TOFU (Top of Funnel) content. What’s the deal?

Here’s the deal.

If you can repurpose your longer testimonial videos into shorter snippets that can be quickly consumed on social media, you can create a PR opportunity that lets everyone know how extensive and important your customer base is.

This technique works best under the following conditions:

  • You have key accounts that people in your target market will easily recognize.
  • You are able to repurpose from your longer testimonials 15 to 30-second video snippets that feature your customers talking about industry issues and concerns.

If the three biggest companies in your target market have done testimonials for you, dropping their names on social media can be a PR win for you.

But, keep in mind that you’re now operating at the top of your funnel, and the same rules apply for who will be interested in sitting through a full two-minute video.

(Hint: we’re back to your BOFU customers.)

See an example of a video testimonial for use on social media in this clip.

That’s why you want to repurpose snippets from your longer testimonials that address TOFU issues like problem definition and scope.

TOFU customers will likely be satisfied with 15 seconds of content from that end of the customer journey, while customers further down the funnel can always click through to see the full testimonial.

Think hard about where customer at this point of the buying journey are most likely to be found. That’s where your customer testimonials will be most effective. @gannonpaul Click To Tweet

In closing, it’s important to keep in mind that the magic of the testimonial video lies in its ability to reassure customers that what you’ve said about your company, its products and services, is actually true.

For a customer contemplating a purchase, nothing works better.

Think hard about where customer at this point of the buying journey are most likely to be found. That’s where your customer testimonials will be most effective.

Need help adding video testimonials to your marketing mix?

If you don’t have the resources to produce video testimonials on your own, it’s essential that you find a video production partner that can help you guide your strategy, assist with customer preparation and coordination, and produce testimonials videos that you and your clients can be proud of.

Get our video testimonial buying guide, and find a video testimonial production partner that’s write for you.

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