Testimonial Video Production for Customers in the Washington D.C. Area

Washington, D.C. is home to the federal government, and a wide variety of companies, including, associations, software companies, government contractors, and many others that serve not only the federal government, but the equally diverse Washington business and consumer markets.Washington DC Video Testimonial Production

For many throughout the nation, and the rest of the world, Washington, D.C. is a customer-rich market, with many customers representing some of the nation’s most respected and well-known companies and organizations.

Located just outside of Washington, Thoughtcast Media serves the greater D.C. metropolitan area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia, providing clients from inside and outside the Beltway, with an array of video marketing services.

Customer testimonials are already one of the strongest tools you have at your disposal, and video just amplifies their effectiveness.

But buying testimonial video production services hasn’t traditionally been easy.

Now – our turnkey video testimonial service makes outsourcing the production of customer testimonials easier than ever before (especially if you have customers in the D.C. area!)

Video Testimonial Production for Your Customers in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Baltimore, Maryland

Customer testimonial videos capture your customers’ passion for what you do. They help to instill trust in your company, its products and services. And your executives, salespeople, the board, and even your customers love a well-produced testimonial.

For the bottom of your marketing funnel or sales pipeline, there is no better asset.

Over the years, Thoughtcast Media has developed and tested, a proven methodology for consistently producing customer testimonial videos that help our clients close bigger and better deals.

Our process is rooted in a thorough strategy phase that is designed to uncover any variables that could negatively affect your video, cause production problems, or delay delivery.

There are many variables that impact the effectiveness of a testimonial video. Every stage of the process impacts every other stage of the process, so it’s important that all possible variables are explored and run to ground.

Our goal is to get your video right, the first time. The strategy session helps us achieve that goal.

Learn more about our process.

Thoughtcast Media offers a turnkey solution for your customer testimonial video needs.

Rather than having to source your testimonial and other video marketing needs through a variety of different providers, Thoughtcast Media provides both the video and marketing services required to produce customer testimonial videos that work hard for our customers.

We provide our customer testimonial service on a fixed-price basis, ensuring that there are no last-minute surprises to cause budget overruns.

Although our standard turnkey solution provides everything that most clients look for in a testimonial video service, it is possible to customer your solution package to provide added features that can help to streamline the process even more and enhance the look and feel of your video.

Build Your Own Video Testimonial Package

Thoughtcast Media is mindful that most organizations frequently need more than one customer testimonial video, and so we offer aggressive discounting for purchases of three or more videos.

You can get a no-obligation, fixed-price quote, when you use our free online service to build your own customized video testimonial package. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with our unique service, and to learn just how easy and affordable producing winning testimonial videos for your customers can be.

Give it a try today and see why customers from across the country and around the world, trust Thoughtcast Media to serve their video testimonial needs for their customers located in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.

Video Testimonial Production

Build Your Own Video Testimonial Package

Our video testimonial package builder makes it easy to customize a video testimonial package to meet your needs and budget.

Pay only for what you need – free of hidden costs!

(We work outside of the D.C. area too! Just cover our travel.)

Thoughtcast Media marketing skills really set them apart when it comes to producing customer testimonial videos for us.

Patrick Dorsey, EVP Marketing, Impexium
Patrick Dorsey

EVP Marketing, Impexium

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