Video Thought Leadership Marketing Campaign Package

A Fully Managed Thought Leadership Video Marketing Campaign

 One day of on-site recording will yield enough professional video content to drive a complete thought leadership marketing campaign for nine, 12, or 18 months – fully managed by us

Starting with a strong strategic foundation, and combined with the other campaign components we provide, this turnkey service can deliver meaningful results for your business.

Streamlined Video Production Process

Coordinating and producing this many marketing videos typically takes a lot of time, and when you get thought leaders at your company involved, that time can be expensive. With the ability to get in– record 9-18 videos– and get out in a single day, doing video is easy.

More Affordable Than
Going In-House

Designed with efficiency and effectiveness at its core, this package bundles the essential components of a full-fledged thought leader marketing campaign into a turnkey solution, for a fraction of the cost of hiring the staff required to pull of a video campaign of this scale.

Managed Content Creation & Distribution

Developing a video marketing campaign isn’t easy. Filming, editing, publishing, promotion– the list goes on. We handle the creation and promotion of all videos and supporting assets, so you can grow your customer base without taking focus off of what you’re already doing.

How It Works

We help you determine what strategy and videos will be most effective at turning your subject matter experts into industry thought leaders.

We work with you to coordinate a flawless day “on the set” with subject matter experts, before we head to your location for a full day of video capture.

We head back to our offices and get to work on producing your videos, building out assets, and tying together a cohesive thought leader campaign!

Watch as the executive in this video discusses high-level industry challenges that his product helps customers meet, without ever mentioning his company or product.

And each video will be accompanied by…

Social Videos

Optimized for two social networks of your choice, two social teaser videos will be created to drive viewers back to the full video on your website.

A Blog Post

Give your video a home on your website, accompanied by 200-600 words of keyword-rich content, for a serious SEO boost (transcripts also provided).

A Video Landing Page

Create a highly-focused environment for people to watch your video, and encourage them to complete key conversions along their way to becoming customers.

But there’s more…

Bring It All Together with a Custom Video Thought Leadership Marketing Campaign Tailored to
Your Business

All these assets on their own will only get you so far. Which is why each video and group of supporting assets comes with a ready-to-deploy campaign strategy.

Once woven into one or more integrated video marketing campaigns, with each asset supporting the others, The Shoot Once™ Video Marketing Campaign Package can quickly secure your brand as a leader in the market, and help maintain that position for the duration of the campaign, and beyond.

Working with Thoughtcast has been turnkey.
Jake Fabbri

VP of Marketing, Fonteva

Wouldn’t written content be more practical?

Yes and no. It may be easy to source tens of thousands of words on any given subject, but it’s not going to result in any meaningful revenue growth. So, practical? Not quite.

Video is inherently more engaging, and the preferred medium for a majority (59%) of executives (WordStream). Video breaks through the noise, to improve engagement, and conversion rates.

Thought leader videos provide your audience with genuine value – value that serves your greater, growth-oriented marketing objectives. Written content that can do the same is difficult and expensive to procure.

Plus, our video marketing campaign packages are actually loaded with written content – including a blog post, landing page, and other support assets for each of your new videos! See what else is included.

But, we’re already doing campaigns…

A thought leader video marketing campaign complements your existing campaign strategy, without taxing your employees with more content development.

Think of us as an additional member of the team, producing high-end video content and other campaign components, and then working with your team to deploy those components through multiple marketing channels.

So, rather then spending all your time scrambling to develop content, you and your team can stay focused on existing campaigns, and what you do best.

Is it really possible to shoot that much video content in a single day?

A year’s worth of video content from just one day of shooting sounds crazy, but we can tell you, with proper planning (and video production know-how), a year of video content is well within your grasp!

In fact, we often end up with more video footage than is required, which can be used to continue fueling your campaign, beyond the original timeframe.

This package was designed, from the ground up, with efficiency in mind. So, we make sure all shot lists and schedules are finalized beforehand, and work with you in advance to prep the filming location and coordinate with subject matter experts throughout the day, so your shoot can go off without a hitch.

Where’s all this content going to come from?

There are likely executives and other subject matter experts (SMEs) at your organization with a wealth on knowledge so large, that they could each fuel years of content.

The struggle is getting all that knowledge out of their heads, and with written content, you have a serious bottleneck on your hands.

Video is different. With a strong strategic objective in mind, our interviewers ask the right questions, to draw out and capture as many of those expert insights as possible. Enough to fuel a year or more of video content, with answers to the questions your customers really want to know.

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9 Video Marketing Campaign Package
In-depth Discovery Session
Custom Thought Leader Strategy
1-Day on Location
9 Live-Action Videos
18 9 Social Videos
9 Blog Posts
9 Landing Pages
Transcript & Caption Files
Video Thumbnail Design
Free Custom Landing Page Template
12 Video Marketing Campaign Package
In-depth Discovery Session
Custom Thought Leader Strategy
1-Day on Location
12 Live-Action Videos
24 Social Videos
12 Blog Posts
12 Landing Pages
Transcript & Caption Files
Video Thumbnail Design
Free Custom Landing Page Template
18 Video Marketing Campaign Package
In-depth Discovery Session
Custom Thought Leader Strategy
1-Day on Location
18 Live-Action Videos
36 Social Videos
18 Blog Posts
18 Landing Pages
Transcript & Caption Files
Video Thumbnail Design
Free Custom Landing Page Template

*Travel costs not included

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