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Video Testimonial Service

Capture customer passion, build trust & close more sales – with customer testimonial videos.

As marketers with decades of experience, every testimonial video we produce is crafted with your marketing goals in mind.

Take the guesswork out of planning, producing and promoting hard-hitting video testimonials, with our fixed-price, turnkey video testimonial service.

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Customer Testimonial for Online Community for Professionals

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Video Testimonial Production with a Marketing Edge

Every video testimonial is hand-crafted according to a formal methodology, combined with a custom strategy developed for each customer.

It’s a process designed to achieve maximum return on your video investment.


We start by getting to know your business, so we can develop a strategy and narrative for your testimonial videos.

At this stage, we also begin the story-crafting that will be the basis for your video(s), positioning your customers as the hero, with your business playing a critical role in their success.

Customer Coaching
Video Testimonial Strategy Planning


Scheduling testimonials with your own customers isn’t easy. So we take that burden off your shoulders, and work with them to schedule a time and place to record their testimonial.

We can now tailor questions to elicit impactful responses and powerful soundbites from your customers, that serve the story of your testimonial.


A two-person crew will arrive at your customer’s location at the scheduled time, with minimal disruption of their workplace. After setting up, we’ll make sure your customer is comfortable, before coaching them through the testimonial interview.

Before leaving, we’ll collect some B-roll footage for extra flavor and context, and we’ll be out of their hair within a couple hours.


We then edit the recorded footage to tell your customer’s story, before adding animations and graphics (e.g., opening and closing sequences, titles, transitions, calls to action, etc.) and music to reflect your brand and improve engagement.

Through our collaboration platform, we’ll collect feedback from you and make edits to your specification (up to three free rounds of edits), before delivering a final video.


In addition to video production, we also provide strategic support, to help you get your video testimonials in front of as many of the right people as possible.

Additional marketing support and assets may be packaged with your video testimonials, for an additional cost.

All these elements work together to ensure that your content is optimized for engagement and conversions on all your major channels.

Video Marketing Strategy Planning
Paul Gannon, CEO

Paul Gannon
Founder, Thoughtcast Media

Testimonials, in any form, are one of the the most powerful marketing and sales assets  a business has at its disposal  – but video takes the effectiveness of testimonials to a whole new level!

Schedule a free consultation with me, and learn how you can make the most of your testimonials.

You’ll get answers to your most important questions, and we’ll help you design a testimonial package that gets results for your business.

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The process Thoughtcast Media follows is exceptional! From conception to execution, it all makes sense and results in marketing videos that really work for our firm.

Carl Sumter

Managing Partner, Savor Strategies



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Your Testimonial Order

Build a Custom Video Testimonial Order

Create real, high-quality video testimonials for a low, fixed cost.

1. How Many Testimonial Videos Do You Need?

Save $250 per video when you order three or more.

$2,500/video or $2,250 when you order three or more.

2. Select Upgrades

Select upgrades to enhance the social engagement or production value of your testimonial videos.

Social Upgrade ($400/video)

Receive additional social-optimized versions of your video(s) using 15-60 second clips derived from the full testimonial.


  • Two additional social-optimized videos in square and vertical aspect ratios
  • Additional captions for each social-optimized video
  • Custom thumbnail creation


Mini-Documentary Upgrade ($750+/video)

Dramatically increase the production value of your video testimonials, and receive an extended-length video testimonial, with the option to incorporate multiple subjects and locations. **Selecting this option will require that you schedule a call with us to discuss the specifics of your project.


  • 4+ minute video runtime
  • Option to include multiple subjects and locations.
  • Multi-camera premium production

*Starting at $750/video. Final quote will be provided at the time of your first strategic consultation.

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Video Testimonial Production

Every video includes:

  • 4 minute runtime
  • Strategy development
  • Story development
  • Customer scheduling
  • Customer coaching
  • Video editing
  • Graphic enhancements
  • B-roll footage
  • Music soundtrack
  • Captions and transcript

Have questions?

Check out the FAQ.

Or you can send us a message or schedule a time to discuss your project, before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many variables that affect the effectiveness of a testimonial video. Every stage of the process impacts every other stage of the process, so it’s important that all possible variables are explored and run to ground.

The strategy phase of our process is designed to uncover any variables that could negatively affect your video, cause production problems, or delay delivery.

Our goal is to get your video right, the first time. The strategy session helps us achieve that goal.

Our base package starts at $2,500 per video, which compares very favorably with video testimonials from competing agencies offering services of comparable quality.

When you consider everything that goes into each video (See: What do I get?), you’ll see that we’ve included pretty much everything you need. Every video we shoot is grounded in marketing best practice. More importantly, we provide the peace of mind you’ll enjoy by working with a professional agency, committed to getting your video right the first time.

There are a lot of companies offering less expensive services, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a fixed-price testimonial video package that includes all the features of our turnkey package, delivered by a company that stands by its work.

We offer a fixed-price turnkey service. We begin each engagement with a thorough strategy consultation, to ensure that we fully understand what you want to accomplish with you testimonial video.

From pre-production through final delivery, we will explore your customer’s unique story, how best to capture their passion for you products and services on film, and how you plan to use the video to promote your work to potential customers.

Our service is designed to have the smallest possible impact on your customers. We will provide your customers with materials to help them prepare and be at ease for their shoot. When your customer is ready, we will visit your customer at their location, at a time convenient to them.

The shoot itself takes about three hours, during which time we will film your customer speaking about your company, its products and services. We will also capture b-roll footage at your customer’s location, to lend context and credibility to their testimonial.

Once we’ve finished filming, we will turn your video into an audience-ready production, complete with sound track, opening and closing logo sequences, titles, calls to action and other animated text.

In addition to your full-length video, we will create a shorter video, derived from your full-length video, that we will optimize for social media.

We’ll work with you through as many as three sets of modifications, to ensure that your video meets your expectations, before delivering a final cut.

You can add additional services to your package that add additional features, but our basic package, defined above, will provide you with everything you need to have a professional testimonial video that can start working for you to close more deals, within about 30 days.

We’ll walk you through a very thorough strategy methodology to ensure that we discuss every aspect of your testimonial video. There are things you may want to do to promote your video that have a major impact on the way we shoot and edit your video We want to be absolutely certain that we’ve thought of everything before we ever turn on a camera.

Once we’ve developed a strategy, we will discuss the best time to visit your customer to shoot the video. Coordinating with your customers can be a chore, especially when customers continue to negotiate what they expect in return for sitting for the testimonial. For an additional price, we’ll be happy to take all that off your hands. Get your customer to agree to the testimonial, and we’ll handle all the arrangements, usually without further negotiations concerning concessions your customers may ask for. (See: Why You Should Always Outsource Your Testimonial Videos.)

There are no travel charges associated with travel within 50 miles of Washington, DC. If we need to travel to visit your customer, we will seek your approval before committing to any travel costs.

You should plan on receiving your audience-ready video within 30 days of the customer shoot.

No. All of the customers featured in our testimonial videos are real customers served by our clients.

Video studios usually have the video side of the “video marketing” equation covered. However, the marketing side of that equation is even more important than the video side. If you’re looking for video that follows marketing best practices, works hard for you at the bottom of your marketing funnel, and can be deployed through the marketing channels of your choice, you’re going to need more than most video studios can provide.

Thoughtcast Media is a marketing agency that specializes in video marketing, and the allied marketing disciplines that make video work in the real world. For marketers looking for more than just a pretty video, our testimonial video package delivers.

Once you’ve signed off on the final cut of your video, you can download full-resolution versions directly from our video collaboration platform.

Yes. We’ll work with you through as many as three sets of revisions, before delivering a final video. We us the video collaboration platform to ensure that revisions are recorded and faithfully addressed, quickly and accurately.

Once a customer has agreed to sit for a testimonial video, coordinating can be as easy as agreeing to a convenient time. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy. (See: How to Ask a Customer for a Testimonial.)

Customers often use the testimonial they’ve agreed to do as a bargaining chip for negotiating additional services, product features, timelines and other aspects of their relationship with you. They may genuinely appreciate what your product or service does for them, and be willing to tell the world about it. However, sitting for that testimonial is ultimately a favor to you, and some customers will want to use that favor as a bargaining chip.

Some customers find it helpful and expedient to have us handle customer scheduling. Once the customer has given initial assent to the video, we can take over to coordinate scheduling.

Unlike you, we are not in a position to negotiate additional concessions. To your customer, we’re simply a vendor contacting them at your request, to schedule a video shoot.

Getting us involved at the beginning of the process often proves to be the most effective way to get customers to sit for the testimonial they promised to provide.

Our goal is to make the interview process as easy for your customers as possible. This starts by visiting your customer at their location, eliminating any need for them to travel across town, or across the country.

We’ll also prepare your customer for what they can expect, when we arrive on location. We’ll make suggestions for what they should wear, how we’ll shoot their video, and how much time it will all take. (Most shoots take about three hours, from setup to tear down.)

There are several ways to include footage of your application in your testimonial video. The easiest way is to provide us with a quality screen capture of that application, which we will edit, full frame, into your video. We are happy to do this at no additional cost.

It’s also possible to have your application appear on a monitor of mobile screen being used of held by someone in the video. This can be a bit labor intensive, and we charge a nominal fee to cover the extra work.