Remote Directed Video Production

Creating marketing-optimized videos for your business has never been this convenient.

You don’t need a full film crew to create great looking videos that deliver real marketing results. With the assistance of our marketing and video experts, you can start creating live action video content quickly, easily, and affordably – from anywhere with an internet connection.

Remote Directed Video

Start-to-Finish Live Action Video Production

Our Remote Directed Video production service include everything you need to turn your marketing ideas into videos that get results – starring you, someone in your office, your CEO, or satisfied customers many miles away.

Video Marketing Strategy


We start by getting to know your brand and your marketing goals, in our first strategic meeting, to help you develop an editorial, distribution, and promotion strategy.

Remote Directed Video Capture

Directed Video Capture

You and your Remote Director will connect via mobile app to help create a set, and coach the star of your video, to capture the most professional video footage possible.

Video Post Production


We’ll edit the captured footage, with your collaboration, into professional, shareable videos, with enhancements to optimize their marketing performance.

Remote Direction from a Video Marketing Expert

Professional direction helps eliminate the false starts, trial and error, and failed efforts often associated with do-it-yourself productions. Remote Directed Video technology makes it easy create marketing-optimized content in record time.

Remote Directed Video Interface

Why Remote Directed Video Production?

Ever wish you had a video to make an announcement, tell a customer story, or promote an event, but couldn’t justify the weeks of planning and thousands of dollars it would take to produce? Now, with the speed, convenience and affordability of Remote Directed Video, the possibilities are endless!

Mobile Video Production

Professional, High Quality Video – without all the Overhead.

Our Remote Directed Video production service makes video production simple and affordable, by giving you access to everything you need to create audience-ready video content, at a fraction of the cost of traditional productions.

  • No having to do it all yourself
  • No film crews
  • No expensive equipment
  • No travel costs
  • No specialized staff

Create high-quality video content from anywhere With an Internet Connection

Traditionally, creating live action videos at scale has required hiring a production company or buying all the equipment yourself and building your own team of in-house staff. This gets expensive – fast.

With the patented technology behind Remote Directed Video, you can capture video from anywhere in the world, with just your smartphone and the support of our video and marketing experts.

Video Marketing Made Easy
Get Marketing Results

Get Results, and Look Good Doing It

Beyond looking great, the videos we help you create will be designed to help you accomplish your business objectives – from the first strategy meeting, to the video capture sessions, to the post-production editing process.

We make sure every video shows your subject and brand in their best light and gets the results you need to put another point in the win column.

Access to our marketing and video experts

Anyone can record a video on their smartphone, but creating videos that get marketing results requires hands-on experience.

Our video marketing experts can help you strategize for marketing success, and “be there” when you’re ready to record, to help you execute on a strategy that delivers on KPIs.

Access to Video Marketing Experts

Video Content Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive to Get Results

Remote Directed Video brings you the convenience of being able to capture high-quality video from anywhere in the world, with guidance from a professional director, along with post-production editing – backed by decades of marketing expertise.

Thought Leadership Video

(Includes Advanced Post Production add-on.)

How-to/Tutorial Video

(Includes Advanced Post Production add-on.)

Local Service Seasonal Promo

(Includes Advanced Post Production and Social Upgrade add-ons.)

Remote Directed Video is the perfect solution for these types of videos and more

Thought leadership

Video blogging/Vlogs

Social videos & ads

Customer testimonials

Culture & brand videos

Product reviews


How-to’s and tutorials

Event promotion

How can Remote Directed Video deliver the most impact for your business?

Schedule a free consultation to find out you can best take advantage of our remote directed video production service to create videos quickly and affordably.

Everything You’ll Need to Capture High Quality Video Using Remote Directed Video

You Provide the Smartphone

You Provide the Smartphone

iPhone 7 and up. 3 Mbps internet connection also required.

We Provide the Rest

  • Smartphone tripod
  • External microphone
  • Marketing strategy
  • Video concept development
  • Coaching from Remote Director
  • Video editing and audio optimization
  • Logo reveal, calls-to-action, transitions and more
  • Marketing-optimized videos ready for sharing!



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Start Building Your Custom RDV Package

How Many Videos Do You Need?

Every package includes the essential components for an audience-ready video. Additional enhancements are available below.

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6 Video Package
- +

6 Videos for $2,499

10 Video Package
- +

10 Videos for $3,699

16 Video Package
- +

16 Videos for $5,200

Select Add-Ons

You may want to upgrade the production values of your videos, or meet specialized requirements of your projects with these additional services. Learn more about the add-ons here.

If you have other specialized needs that aren't satisfied by the following add-ons, please contact us for a custom order.

Give your videos a social upgrade, with an additional social-optimized version of your video, for the platform of your choice, in 16x9, square, or vertical aspect ratio. Includes Captions & Transcripts add-on.

Received proofed captions that can be laid over your video or uploaded natively on certain platforms. Proofed video transcripts can be used to enhance the SEO performance of your website, YouTube, etc.

Includes: Royalty-free music soundtrack; as many as three still images; one customer-provided video clip or one stock video clip; three additional text animations; up to two additional video aspect ratios (ex: square, vertical).

We'll direct you in capturing b-roll that adds context, interest, and production value to your video. Includes: Capturing of three b-roll clips; and the addition of the captured b-roll footage in your videos.

Choose from a range of eye-catching thumbnail designs that will be customized to match your brand guidelines and attract clicks to your videos.

We'll refine a basic script, provided by you, to adhere to best practices for messaging comprehension, engagement, and other business results, for use with in-built teleprompter.

We’ll work with your customers to schedule a time for their testimonial shoot, and prepare them in advance to help them deliver their best on-camera performance.


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Add-on Details

Starter, Business and Business Plus packages include everything you need to produce high-quality video content for your business. However, some customers may want to purchase additional services in order to upgrade the production values of their videos, or to meet specialized requirements.

Advanced Post-Production

Take the production value of your videos to the next level.

  • Addition of a standard music soundtrack
  • Inclusion of as many as three customer-provided still images, one customer-provided video clip, or one stock video clip (priced separately)
  • Up to as many as three additional standard text animations
  • Output to as many as two additional standard video formats (e.g., 1:1 ratio, 9:16 ratio, etc.)

Custom B-Roll Capture

Add context and definition to your videos with additional B-roll footage.

  • B-roll (footage that augments the principal footage of your subject) lends context, interest and definition to your productions.
  • Work with client/subject (within the same recording session) to capture as many as three clips for b-roll.
  • Extend the standard 30-minute recording session to one hour, in order to accommodate b-roll capture.
  • Add b-roll to the video during the post-production editing process

Social Upgrade

Inspire engagement on social platforms

  • Receive an additional (16×9, square or vertical) social-optimized video (See example)
  • Styled to match your brand guidelines and grab attention
  • Includes Captions & Transcripts add-on

Branded Thumbnail Design

Attract more clicks with custom branded thumbnails.

  • Choose from a range of popular designs
  • Add your colors, text, photos, products,  or subject matter

Captions and Transcripts

Add captions to your videos for improved accessibility and performance on social platforms, and  transcripts for added SEO power.

  • Proofed captions
  • Proofed transcripts

Script Review

For videos with very deliberate messaging, our scripting service helps you produce a video that’s sure to get your point across.

  • Refine basic script provided by customer
  • Ensure that script contains best practices for messaging
  • Edit for time
  • Two rounds of review
  • Load into teleprompter

Customer Coordination (Testimonials Only)

After getting initial commitment from your customer, we’ll coordinate with them to schedule a recording session, a coach them through the process.

  • We’ll work with your customers to schedule a time for their testimonial shoot. Once you have an initial commitment from your customer, we’ll take care of the rest. (Our experience is that customers are significantly more likely to complete their testimonial shoot, when we handle the logistics.)
  • Pre-Production coordination to ensure that you customer is properly prepared for their shoot. Includes extra session time for training on the remote capture procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

After placing your order will be asked to schedule a call with one of our marketing experts, to discuss the goals, content and style of your videos.

On this call, your assigned project manager will collect the information needed to provide you with a Strategic Marketing Overview that includes a strategic brief, recommended editorial schedule, content outlines of your videos, and style suggestions.

We’ll also get an address to deliver your RDV Gear Kit to and you’ll be asked to schedule your first remote recording session at this time.

Remote Directed Videos can be up to 3 minutes long in the final, delivered edit. More minutes can be purchased for an additional fee.

Our goal is to deliver a ready-to-deploy video within a maximum of 7 days after your remote recording session.

However, the estimated time of delivery varies depending on the length and complexity of your videos, as well as the time spent on revisions.

We understand that sometimes you can’t wait a week for a video, and are happy to do our best to accommodate for special circumstances.

Our video review and collaboration platform makes it easy to get involved in the editing process and help guide the direction of your videos.

You’ll be invited to provide your feedback at multiple key stages of the editing process, with up to two free rounds of revisions at each stage.

Before your first recording session, we’ll send you a Pre-Shoot Prep Kit with:

  • Instructions for choosing a location (your director can help you choose between locations during the recording session.)
  • How to setup and position your tripod and connect the external microphone.
  • And other advice to ensure a productive and performative recording session.

Most videos are captured within 30 minutes, though the first recording session with a subject may take a little longer.

You’ll get better and faster with practice, too!

Your standard order, without any add-on services, includes the following:

  • Tripod and external microphone
  • Marketing strategy and expertise
  • Video concept development
  • Assistance from professional director
  • Video color correction
  • Audio optimization
  • Logo reveal, call-to-action, lower third titles, and transitions
  • Marketing-optimized 16×9 videos

Yes. Contact your project manager or tell your director that you’d like to make changes to your video package.

Once you’ve signed off on the final cut of your video, you can download full-resolution versions directly from our video collaboration platform.

Yes. Using our video collaboration and review platform, we’ll work with you through two rounds of revisions at each review stage, before delivering a final video.

Our Remote Directed Video software is compatible with:

  • iPhone 8 and above, running iOS 11.1 or later.
  • Android Phones with 1080+ front-facing cameras, running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.

A 10 Mbps WiFi connection is also required.

No, a strong Wifi connection of 10Mbps or greater is required to for remote direction capabilities.

RDV recording is currently only available inside the United States. Contact us to get notified when RDV is available internationally.