Remote Directed Video (RDV) Features

Everything you need to create high-impact videos for your business.

Remote Directed Video (RDV) combines remote video capture technology with marketing expertise to create a complete, turnkey solution for producing a wide range of different videos for your business – safely, quickly, and affordably.

Included with Every RDV Order

Every Remote Directed Video order includes all the necessary components for creating a high-impact videos for your brand or business. You can also customize your order with RDV Add-ons that take your videos to the next level.

Video Testimonial Strategy

Strategy Session

Work with our video marketing experts to determine what videos you need and how to use them, so we can set standards for what they should look like and what content they’ll contain.

Following a formal methodology, we’ll help you refine a strategy for producing and deploying your videos for maximum effect.

Remote Video Capture

Remote Video Capture

The star of your video will log in to a recording session with a remote video director via an iPhone app or web browser (with webcam).

The director will coach them through recording and delivering their lines to meet the standards set for your videos.

Footage is recorded locally, instead of streamed, for much higher quality video. It’s then uploaded in full resolution (1080/4K) to our private cloud for editing.

RDV Video Editing

Standard Video Editing

Our editors take the footage and edit it into a rough cut, to include content editing, color correction and audio optimization. The basic design elements you requested (logo sequences, calls-to-action, names and titles) are also added.

A rough cut of the video will then be uploaded to our video collaboration platform for your review. Two free rounds of revisions are included with each video.

Videos starting at Just $363

Creating videos for your business has never been this easy and affordable. Learn more about how Remote Directed Video works or schedule a consultation and design a package that’s right for you.

RDV Add-ons

These additional services can be added to your order to elevate the production quality of your videos, enhance their marketing performance, or make your life easier.

Video Gear Kit

Subjects of your videos will receive a kit including a tripod, external microphone, and optional 1080p webcam, that they can keep.

Customer Coordination

For video testimonials, we’ll coordinate with, schedule, and prepare your customers to deliver their best on-screen performance.

Talent Release Processing

Make it easy for video subjects to provide talent releases, collected by us, processed online, and delivered to you as .pdf files.

Social Optimization

Get additional versions of your videos, formatted and optimized for performance on various social media channels.

Advanced Post-Production

Include your choice of royalty free music, incorporate stock images and video, and add additional text animations.

Custom B-roll Capture

The subject of your video(s) will be instructed by our video directors to capture additional footage that can be incorporated into your videos.

Design a Custom Package

Schedule a consultation with our video marketing experts to develop a strategy and custom package that’s right for you.

Examples of Remote Videos Made with RDV


Testimonial Video


Influencer Video


Event Sponsor Video

Optimized RDV Bundles

Having created hundreds of remotely-recorded videos for our customers, we’ve assembled bundles of services for specific use cases, that help ensure your videos are successful.

Customer Testimonial Bundle

Optimized to make capturing video testimonials easy and affordable.

  • Video Gear Kits
  • Customer Coordination
  • Talent Release Processing
  • Social Optimization
  • Advanced Post-Production

Starting at $579/video.

Industry Influencer Bundle

Optimized to help you take a commanding role as an industry thought leader and influencer.

  • Video Gear Kit
  • Advanced Post-Production
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Transcripts & Captions

Starting at $450/video.

Event Sponsor/Exhibitor Bundle

Optimized to add value for sponsors and exhibitors at your virtual event.

  • Program Development
  • Video Gear Kits
  • Customer Coordination
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Transcripts & Captions

Starting at $541/video.

Get Results for Your Business with Video

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