Video Marketing Blueprint

A 3-Stage discovery engagement for developing and deploying video content, as part of a broader strategy for achieving marketing success.


Maximize the value of video in your overall marketing mix. Align video with your pipeline and stop wasting money on video you don’t need.


Develop a complete strategy for building awareness, closing sales, and serving your customers.


Custom-tailored to your organization’s needs, capabilities and budget, based on a detailed consulting engagement.

A Complete Video Marketing Strategy
Tailored to Your Specific Business Needs

Our custom report makes adding video to your marketing mix easy!


Discover how and where video can be used for the greatest impact, as part of your overall marketing mix


Create a strategy for the production and promotion of your video content that fits your unique needs


Assess your organization’s capabilities for creating and deploying high-impact video content


Develop a plan for using video to achieve your organization’s marketing goals

How the Video Marketing Blueprint Works

The Blueprint follows a very thorough process, based on your existing sales and marketing metrics.

The discovery phase consists of a series of short phone interviews with key stakeholders, supplemented by a document review, as necessary.

The resulting report provides a needs analysis, a capabilities analysis, and strategy recommendations for moving forward.

It’s the perfect tool for building a rational consensus for adding the right video to your marketing mix.

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