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Video content is usually associated with building awareness at the top of the marketing funnel, but video is also extremely effective at moving the needle at the bottom of the funnel, where sales and other big conversions occur.

Adding the right kind of video to the bottom of your marketing funnel, in a strategic manner, is a powerful way to affect real growth. Join us for this free online event, and we'll show you how!

Paul Gannon will share several strategies for using video to not only nurture leads through the bottom of your marketing funnel, but also how you can use video to close sales.

Video is for Closers!

Bottom of the Funnel Video Marketing Strategies

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About Thoughtcast Media

Strategies you'll learn include:

The most powerful video for driving conversions at the bottom of the funnel

Using video as a sales enablement tool

Using video analytics to tell the story of when a customer is ready to buy

Video marketing automations to help you get the sale.

Thoughtcast Media is a video content marketing agency that helps organizations build brand value with thought leader video content. We work with our clients to turn existing resources into video content that inspires and, above all, converts prospects into customers.

Our Speaker

Paul Gannon is the founder and CEO of Thoughtcast Media, a marketing agency that specializes in video marketing, and the allied marketing capabilities necessary to make video work in the real world.