Make Sure You’re Tracking These Social Video Content Metrics

Measure these social content KPIs so you can improve your social marketing performance.

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Video Transcript

What are the top seven video metrics you should be measuring? Find out in today’s video marketing minute. How do you know if your videos are pulling their weight? Well Sprout Social has just published a list of the seven most important indicators that every video marketer should be watching.

In no particular order, those indicators are view count, engagement, play rate, watch time, social shares, clicks and click through rates, and finally, conversions. Now, different social media platforms define these metrics in different ways. So be careful. And if you’re not sure how to improve your video content, Sprout Social has some advice for getting these metrics moving in the right direction.

We’ve got the full article on our website at So what’s your favorite video metric and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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