Could YouTube Be Losing You Customers?

Could hosting your videos on YouTube be hurting your business? Find out in this video!

Could YouTube be costing you customers?

While YouTube is a great place to find and grow your online audience, the lack of control over the user experience and numerous distractions that come with their video player could be hurting your sales and marketing efforts. Find out in more in this video!

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Video Transcript

Can using a free video hosting platform like YouTube hurt your business? Find out in today’s video marketing minute. Video hosting platforms like YouTube may be free, but there may also be a hidden price to pay, says IMCGrupo.

The advertising these platforms serve up before, during and after your video plays may not reflect well on your content and the videos they serve up to the viewers once they’ve finished watching your video can either be a mild distraction like, let’s say, I don’t know, a cat video or it can be a real problem if it’s a competitor’s video or an ad from your competitor.

To eliminate these distractions, you should consider using a paid video platform like Wistia, Vidyard or Brightcove to name just a few. You’ll find the full article at

So are you using a free or paid video platform and why? Let me know in the comments section.

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