How Good is the Quality of Remote Directed Video?

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Get High-Quality Videos with just a Smartphone or Webcam

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality that can be achieved with Remote Directed Video (RDV).

RDV can record video in up to 1080 (webcam) and 4K (iPhone), capturing everything to a local device. Once everything has been recorded, only then do we upload to a private cloud, preserving the original quality of the footage. There’s no streaming involved, as there is with Zoom and Skype, for example. Learn more about how it works here.

How Remote Directed Videos Make Your Business Look Good

Quality comes in two different varieties.

The first variety is technical quality. The second is content quality.

Nailing the Technicals to Create Professional Business Videos

With regard to technical quality, we get our quality from the native resolution of the native guts of the iPhone, okay, the iOS devices. So they shoot in 1080 or they shoot in 4K, both very high resolutions. Typically, 99% of our videos we shoot in 1080 but there are applications for 4K if we need to go that high. So that is a very strong image.

The iPhone also supports very good audio qualities, so great native microphones built into the iPhone, and an external microphone can be sent as part of a the RDV gear kit, for even better audio.

With RDV, not only do you get high resolution video, but that footage only gets sent to our private cloud after the video has been shot, so there’s no streaming, resulting in much higher video quality than you get with Skype or Zoom. Every one of those bits and pieces are being sent over the internet and they lose a lot of their resolution in the process of doing that. There’s no streaming of footage with RDV.

Improving the Content Quality of Your Videos

In addition to technical quality, there is content quality. With a Live Director that’s able to communicate with the subject, they can say things like, “you need to sit up straight and straighten your tie,” or, “I’m not buying what you just said.”, “You stumbled over your words, let’s go back and shoot that again”, “Let’s do another take for safety’s sake,” etc., etc. Let’s do, you know, let’s approach it “from another direction.”

So there’s a trained director who is working with your online talent or your on-screen talent to make sure that your content is being delivered appropriately and that it’s understandable and that people are going to get it. And that’s gonna add tremendously to the quality of your video and tremendously to the effectiveness of your video.

Those two things, the technical quality that comes from the remote capture technology, and the content quality which comes from having a Live Director, both go into making great quality videos.

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