How Long Does it Take to Create a Video with RDV?

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Timing Conisderations for Remote Directed Video Production

With Remote Directed Video (RDV), it’s possible to produce videos very quickly. We can schedule and shoot a video within a matter of minutes, and we promise a 7-day turn-around on the initial edit.

However, human factors can sometimes delay the process, especially when it comes to producing testimonial videos. Watch this video to learn what you should consider in regard to RDV and the timing of your project.

How long does it take to Create Video Testimonials with RDV?

When it comes to video testimonials, customers  often cause delays when they don’t reply in a timely manner, or postpone their scheduled shoots, again and again. For this reason, we suggest that our clients plan for a 3-week turnaround on their testimonial videos. To alleviate the work of following up with and scheduling customers (and other video spokespeople), we offer a Subject Coordination  service.

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Remote Directed Video Production

Remote Directed Video (RDV) combines cutting-edge remote video capture technology with Live Directors, professional editing and guidance from video experts, to make creating professional videos for your business fast and affordable.

How Remote Directed Video Works

With video experts and Live Directors to guide you and your video subjects through each stage of the production process, Remote Directed Video (RDV) eliminates the complexity and costs associated with traditional on-location video productions.

100% Transparent Pricing

Remote Directed Video (RDV) takes the guesswork out of creating professional videos that get results for your business. Get pricing details, then schedule a consultation to customize an RDV package that fits your budget, and get a firm quote.