What’s Included in Fixed-Price Remote Directed Video Production Packages?

In this video:

What’s included in every fixed-price Remote Directed Video Production Package?

Remote Directed Video (RDV) includes all the necessary components to create professional and effective videos for your business – including strategy, remote video capture, Live Directors, video editing and more. Learn more in this video.

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So what’s included with every RDV order?


To begin with, we have a strategy and planning session where we follow a formal methodology for really understanding how these videos are supposed to behave, right?

So we want to know:

  • What you want people to think?
  • What you want people to feel?
  • What you want people to do after watching your video?

Remote Video Capture

when it comes time to actually shoot the video, you’ll start by scheduling a 30 minute remote capture session with a Live Director, who will either be asking either asking questions or we will be prompting the subject for the content that they have agreed to deliver.

During all of this, our director will be able to hear and see the subject and the subject will be able to hear and see our director so that we can actually direct the shoot. And that can be something as simple as, “sit up straight” or “move away from that window,” to things like, “you know, I just didn’t really buy that. Let’s do another take,” or “you stumbled over some words. Let’s do that again.”

In all of this, we’ll be shooting in a resolutions usually of 1080, but sometimes up to 4k.

Video Editing and Review

The next thing that everyone gets is a standard editing package, where we put the footage together to make a consistent story and make sure you video looks good.

Additionally, you can add:

  • Opening and closing logo sequences
  • Up to six different assets, such as still photos, stock footage, slides, etc.
  • Up to six animated text sequences, like lower thirds, title cards, calls to action, etc.

Once we’re finished editing the video, we’re gonna post it to our video collaboration platform, where you can look at your videos and request changes. The standard fixed-price package includes three rounds of revisions: two to request changes, and one final review to make sure you’re changes have been made as requested.

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