Planning a Thought Leadership Video Marketing Campaign

Establishing and maintaining a winning thought leadership position is an important, and challenging endeavor.

The whole point of thought leadership marketing is to demonstrate that you can bring great ideas to the table because your organization is full of people who think big thoughts.

Thoughts that have the power to transform markets, industries, and society.

People want people like that in their lives, and when you hold that position in people’s minds, the sales will come naturally.

Breaking through the noise isn’t easy though.

Now, more than ever, people are demanding a human connection with those they do business with.

This is exactly why we’re such big fans of video!

Video adds depth and context to your conversations, proving to your audience that you speak their language, and understand the solutions to their problems.

But highly engaging video alone is not enough.

Even with all the things video has going for it, you can’t afford to ignore marketing best practices.

First, establishing and maintaining a top thought leadership position requires that you engage your audience on a regular basis, in order to remain top-of-mind.

Second, you need provide answers to your industry’s most pressing, high-level questions that prove your organization is home to the smart people they want to work with.

Finally, a thought leadership marketing campaign requires a strong strategic foundation, if it’s to achieve your desired goals.

You probably have a number of subject matter experts (SMEs) at your company that would make great thought leaders, but getting all those great ideas out their heads, and into the public sphere isn’t easy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to develop a thought leadership campaign strategy, that will help you secure a top thought leadership position in your industry.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn by attending…

  • Our secrets for using video to bring thought leadership to life.
  • Ways to tap into existing human resources to unearth a wealth of existing content that you may not even know you have.
  • How to map out a detailed plan for capturing that content and sharing it with the markets you serve, to drive greater attention, deeper engagement, and better return on investment.

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