Thoughtcast Media Helps Impexium Overcome Communication Challenges in the Association Space

Patrick Dorsey, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Impexium, recently sat down with us to share his experience in working with Thoughtcast Media to produce thought leader and customer testimonial videos.

There’s no doubt that Patrick truly understands the power of video. As he put it:

The way people consume information is much different than it was 10 or 15 years ago, as well, and that’s where we looked at video. Again, it’s viral, it’s going to be multi-dimensional, it’s really going to catch the excitement we have in our platform, and what our customer have in using Impexium – and video is the best way to capture that.

We had a lot of fun working with Patrick, his staff, and customers at the Impexium offices in McLean, VA back in mid-2016. We were all so excited by the stories that were coming out of our filming sessions, that Patrick seized the opportunity, as he explains in the above video, to capture some additional videos with his staff.

The resulting videos were an overwhelming success (see examples here and here), and we look forward to working more with Impexium in the near future!