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Video Testimonial for Association Management System Built on Salesforce

Fonteva offers highly configurable membership, events, and eCommerce applications built on the Salesforce platform.

The Fonteva Framework is incredibly flexible, so they asked Thoughtcast Media to help them show the different ways Fonteva helps associations serve their members, with a series of testimonial videos. This is just one of the many video testimonials Fonteva has contracted Thoughtcast Media to produce over the past several years.

This particular testimonial tells the story of how a legal institute in Washington D.C. uses Fonteva to support members, operate an online store, streamline reporting and more. More importantly, it demonstrates how Fonteva enables them to offer greater value to their members, while making their jobs easier.

What We Did

Story Development

On-Location Crew

Customer Coaching

Video Editing

The Result

Fonteva received a testimonial that details how one customer uses their software to support several areas of their organization, including highlights and screen captures of key features and dashboards.

The administrative and enduser benefits discussed in this testimonial are broadly appealing to associations, but also speak specifically to how Fonteva benefits one of the key segments of their target audience, legal associations.

This is just one of many video testimonials that Fonteva has commissioned from Thoughtcast Media over the years, running the gamut from medical societies to customer communities.

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