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Video Testimonial for SaaS Association Management Software

Impexium is a leading provider of enterprise association management software (AMS). They engaged Thoughtcast Media to produce customer testimonial videos to highlight how Impexium helped them improve the ways they serve their members.

Demonstrating the value software adds to people lives is difficult in written form. Impexium was looking for a way to make the benefits of their SaaS platform more tangible to prospects.

Impexium engaged Thoughtcast Media to produce a series of video testimonials, for use by their sales and marketing teams, that capture the passion their customers have for their solution, and the ways it improves their lives.

What We Did

Marketing Strategy

Customer Coaching

Story Development

On-Location Crew


Social Optimization

The Result

Impexium received multiple video testimonials that demonstrate that value of Impexium’s SaaS-based Association Management System membership software, with messaging targeted to key personas.

They are used by members of Impexium’s sales and marketing teams, in campaigns and business acquisition activities, to help prospects overcome objections on the their way to becoming customers.

Shorter versions of each video were also optimized for social media to reach and build trust with new audiences.

From the Client

You can really see that end user say, “here is what we did and here’s how Impexium helped us!”

– Patrick Dorsey, EVP Marketing, Impexium

More Examples from this Project


Social Video

A video snippet from one of a series of customer testimonial videos commissioned by Impexium, in support of their association management software product.

This short snippet was deployed through social media as a way to drive awareness at the top of the marketing funnel, build trust with prospects, and encourage viewers to click through to the Impexium website, for the full video.

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