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Marketing Video Example for Financial Services

Stephen Bramlett, founder of Molliter Advisory, has spent the last twelve years evaluating companies, assisting regional clients in locating and negotiating purchases of single-owner and family-owned companies.

Molliter Advisory commissioned a series of content marketing videos to drive awareness at the top of their marketing funnel, and to position themselves as an authority in their industry.

  • Client: Molliter Advisory
  • Category: Professional Services, Financial Advisor
  • Services: Video Production, Thought Leadership Video, Search Engine Optimization

What We Did

Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Content Development

On-Location Crew

Video Editing

The Result

Thoughtcast Media produced a series of videos answering commonly asked questions their prospects might have prior to hiring a mergers and acquisitions advisor.

By providing answers to highly searched queries, the series promotes Molliter’s position in the industry as a thought leader, generates goodwill, and encouraged viewers to reach out for additional information.

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